Harvest Time


Thank you speech and dry weight to follow…:+1:


Taste I’m not sure if this is true or not but I was taught to
Hang the entire tree for 7-10 … the people who taught say it’s a better dry and helps with the cure … not sure though but if you do jar them up to cure make sure you throw them In jar for about thirty minutes then take the humidity in the jar if it’s angthing over 65 percent then the ganja needs to continue to dry outside of jars … only until the flowers stay at 65 percent is when you should jar them … proper long term storage is 50 percent



Congratulations on your Harvest:clap:



Looks really good @Dew, nice and frosty!!:star_struck:



How do u measure the humidity in the jar?


The rh inside the jar went you trim her up like after your done hanging that rh inside the jar you will be using …


Awesome looking harvest man!!!


Thank you all for the positivity! After three days in dry mode they were ready for the jar. My climate is dry here so that helps but def would not need to do 5 days in dry mode. Of course my batteries died on my scale. I’ll post that with some pics of the buds soon-


Alright so honest weigh in. 40.6g and about 25g of sweet leaf. Not bad at all for my first ever grow esp with DWC. Again, can’t say enough except I’m blessed, Grobo and everyone that works there have done nothing but be helpful and patient with all of us getting to realize our dreams now too because of hard working individuals. @bjorn @Stephen @GroboJason @Chris are only the beginning. THANK YOU. This forum has been more handy than anything else I found. @Azuri @chris_barfield @Rich @SilverGrobo you guys def had my back in the beggening so thank you also! I know there is more sorry if I didn’t tag you. More to come… just started next grow!


That’s awesome!!! That’s a great first harvest in my opinion. I’d love to get that much!


Hey @Dew

First grow can be intimidating even I was panicky over things first time in the Grobo and I’ve grown complicated hydroponic systems in the past. Once you understand the basics of the plant and the Grobo it’s a breeze. I see many concerns asked by some of the new growers so it’s good now we got more people like yourself to help out!


Hey @Dew,

Honoured to be able to help you have a successful 1st harvest. Thanks so much for your kind words from the whole team. I shared your post in the office today and received many big smiles. We are all working our butts off to make sure everyone can harvest some sticky buds right off the rip. Looking forward to seeing your next harvest!




Truly Blessed to be part of (#TheAllGrowersTeam)… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts::green_thumb:


As promised pics of buds. They all look like this. This is a few different ones different lighting. Smokes smooth and has only been curing a week. I’d guess a 60/40 sativa in the low 20s for thc. Super pumped-