Harvest day!


WToday was the day! After about 5 days of flush, I harvested, cleaned out the Grobo, and lined up the buds to dry inside Grobo.

Wet harvested weight with stems was 6.5oz. I expect once it’s dried and trimmed from the stems it will be around 2-2.5oz. But we shall see. None of my buds got super huge but I sure had a lot of sm and med size in the jungle that was my plant. Took me about an hour to trim it all.

Slight hiccup when selecting the “drying recipe”. I assume since it’s in the catalog of all the other recipes it gets treated the same, and this meant that it put me through the whole set up process, as it would for a new seed. Which means it also wanted me to fill the unit with water. I couldn’t skip this step or back out it. I’ve put in a ticket for this already. But for now the fans are running and the machine is dark, as intended.

All of the trim and larf got saved and I’ve now decarbed it and am onto step two of making a cbd salve. It’s currently in my slow cooker with some coconut oil as the initial base.





Thanks for sharing! Amazing


Woot @rainstorm3

We’re both in Canada, sharing is caring my home address is…:crazy_face: Enjoy your harvest and get that next seed going. :+1: Love to know how the taste is too!


Hi @rainstorm3,

What great harvest shots! Thanks for sharing them. We are really pleased for you here in the office, fantastic job!



Congratulations! Looks stunning!


Bwa haha. Love this. Let me start my by saying “Sorry eh?”


I say this should be our new National Anthem? :thinking:

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@Azuri seems pretty fitting. Haha.


@rainstorm3 looks awesome, great job!! :green_thumb: what are you going to plant in there next?


@Ctaylor684 for my next try I’m going to pop in a Chili pepper :hot_pepper: plant! I need peppers in my life.

Then back to cannabis and I’m not sure what strain yet. I still have 3 OG Kush seeds on hand, may just do another of the same and try more training/pruning next time to see what the yield difference would be.


@rainstorm3 I understand what your saying, I really want some tomatoes out of the unit see what they taste like!
That would be very cool same strain different techniques. Cant wait to see how your next grow goes, good luck with your chili peppers!


Please post some pics of the buds (closeups) once dried. Also really looking forward to seeing the dry yield. How long did this take from seed to harvest?


The grobo does produce that qaud production you are looking for if you buy good genetics … @nikidon1 and I have some of the best breeders going in our grobo and his justbstarted budding but the quality your looking is there @Donnie showed his final product and it was glistening with trichomes … def dispensary quality but it starts with solid genetics … you can have the best grow room but if your seeds suck then you won’t ever get what you want…


@rainstorm3 woot woot congrats she looked like she stacked harrrddddddd can’t wait to see your weights … and congrats again I know your grow was a bit rough in the beginning but your final product looks awesome


@rainstorm3 throw some soy lecithin in there to help your body absorb it faster and raise (if your not allergic that is) but great choice as coconut oil as your base great for the stomach


@theactor19 I’ll be sure to post final pics and weight. And this took about 110 days. But I had to add on about 3 weeks in total to my grow as there were some issues to start so she took off pretty slow.


@chris_barfield I’m actually making a topical salve (with coconut oil as the base) for external use. I’ll be adding some beeswax olive oil and some essential oils as well! This is an experimental batch, and I’ll see how it turns out. I’ll adjust next time once I see how it works.


Oh my bad missed the salve part …

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