Happy 420!


I thought I’d share a quick glimpse of my testing of our drying system. It is a magnet and string system that allows you to position your hanging buds at any point in the Grobo. We have it finalized and it will be appearing in our store soon. Pricing details to follow. This is a sour kush from Canuk that finished 4 days earlier than the recipe called for.


Nice! I’ll definitely be buying these. Especially since it’s quite humid over here in northern Humboldt county.


I’m a big fan of the fact they are adjustable. Great design!


Looks beautiful! Nice nugs!


Looks great!




How is legalization going for everyone else in canada. So many places sold out or hours long line ups crazy!!!


Not sure how it’s going elsewhere, but since we only have one legal storefront in BC, and the only other legal option is purchasing online, I decided to peruse the website to see what they had.
BC Cannabis Store
Lots of variety, accessories, prep stuff, pre-rolls…but a bit expensive, and tack on a min of $10 shipping…sure adds up quick.

I suspect most people will just continue with their current mode of purchasing for now…


Agreed. Costs range from 6 and up here but by the sounds of it both stores will be sold out before midnight… hahaha


There are 5 pages of different types, here’s an example of price range:


Sweet. I’ll be in Ottawa next week for work can’t wait to test some out there too!


Now just need to find out if they deliver to a hotel lol


Why not? If it’s c/o you room number whatever. And if you’re there long enough. Haha.


Hey @ToddYYC Leaglization has business opportunities galore. Just like Uber you create a weed delivery app called Duber, lol. Whoever gets rich off my idea you’re welcome. :moneybag::dollar::chart_with_upwards_trend:


They already have 3 of those in calgary lol. But I guess I dont need to order from ocs i can just fly with my own now lol.
I think there are a lot of undiscovered opportunities still though for sure!


P.s. there are still lineups in calgary and they have shortened store hours to prevent selling out stock until more stores open. Crazy some places made like 600k on Wednesday single day sales


Current satellite image of Canada.