H2O Top Offs


Vets wouldn’t need to know this, but being my first grow I’d like to state this. I’m in week 2 of veg stage and had just done a drain/fill 72 hours ago. Now 3 days later exact, my water level was half-way below the low-level sensor. No alarm or anything, she still has plenty in there to drink, but I do not think she would have made it a week. I do believe this might have been addressed and that the Grobo team is working on more updates including notifications to remind you to top off as you get later into your grow. Moral to the story, as I ramble on, is to keep an eye on how much she’s drinking- :droplet:


Dew you’ll get warnings when.its low and you can always top up any day


Hey @ToddYYC, how low does it have to get for the warning?


Low. 20 to 25 % maybe
I have gotten them before. Not on this grow except the bug that says your low when you just drained. I guess each plant is different. But I would everyb2 to 3 days I had to top up my 1st plant


Hey @Dew I noticed the same thing. Mines been drinking like crazy. I’ve been topping it up at least twice a week when I noticed


I always drain/fill Wednesday’s and by Saturday I have to add water … I usually add extra cups on my fill day Incase I forget


Yeah my d&f is on Wednesday too, if I wait till Saturday I legit add a full pitcher of water, so I usually just top it up every other


After a fill I topped mine off every 3 days after then fill. So one initial then when top then a drain.


I think its cool everyone has their own system sort of speak. I just never would have thought/bet these plants really drink that much that quickly- but what I’m getting is as you get later into veg, you should be looking to top off after 3 days or so. Fair?


Yeah that’s how I did it changed my water on tuesday and topped it off Friday was how I did the first grow.


I usually fill Wednesday and top Saturday and might have to top off again Monday depending on conditions