Growing From Bag Seed


I’d like to experminte with some bag seed. Here’s the thing I’ve been reading if you get some bag seed which is rare these days from legit growers. Research I did say they are result of a plant that hermed and the seed will produce a herm plant. I can’t risk that as I have other flower plants in my room and do not want to cross contimante. @Stephen @rouleauj or anyone else have some feedback on this? Seeds are still a little new to me as I’ve always been pro clone for timing, known strain and results and of course being guaranteed female.


Well you can grow one out till it has a few leaves, use a hole puncher and send the punched leaf hole to the website @chris_barfield mentioned in a previous post or simply let her grow until you can sex her. I wouldn’t worry about a male contaminating your females as it’s easy to see if your plant is a male or female very early on. If male, you can toss him or alternatively keep him for pollen to make a cross and experiment. I wouldn’t really worry too much, but if you are. Put it under a ufo like I suggested and grow separately until you sex it. Hope that helps.


Yeah not worried about the sexting part I’ve done it with reg seeds. My reasearch said the bagged seed that ends up being female will herm.

As far as the IDing the plant via that service I’d be surprised if Canadians can use that service sending even a punched hole sized of weed product internationally.


@rouleauj I worded the question kinda crappy. Yeah mixed results all over the web…basically it starts out female and herms not due to stress but since it came from a hermed seed from a hermed plant. Could be fakenews, lol.


Fuck it, just grow it and see what happens. I think you’ve not much to worry about. :+1::v:


Haha best answer ever, Exactly what I’m doing! They already sprouted and 5 in total. A couple of the seeds were monsters when it popped the round leaves were huge and the first set of leaves are also monsters.


Watch em be top shelf prize fighters lol. Love these kinds of surprises. It’s always fun to have some uncertainty. Keeps life interesting :+1::v:


Yeah the history of these seeds are unusual. I buy from my online dispensary a product called “bottom of bag” it’s really good product that comes from their automatic trimming devices and consists of small buds, sweet-leaf from their grows great for consumables but the buds are also good smoke just you don’t know what it is, lol. The mix on this product can be from Sativas, Indicas or Hybrids. It is complete mystery.


Here’s the pic of one of the early monsters hard to tell the size in a pic but bigger then normal for what it’s worth.


Use a penny for reference in the pic. Helps to s​:+1::v:


Hmm couldn’t find a penny easily here in my house since they dropped them, got a quarter though same size as US one. I put it next to an average size seed that popped the same day. Both germinated the same way planted at the same time sharing the same light etc. :+1:


Yep the difference is noticeable. Exactly what we mean when talking about genetics :dna: