Grow tent?

Hi everyone I was just wondering if anybody can point me in the direction of what is a good grow tent and how to somewhat get the set up going, also what will be some things I need that’s are important


MARS HYDRO Grow Tent Kit Complete 2.3x2.3ft TS1000W LED Grow Light Dimmable Full Specturm Indoor Grow Tent Complete System, 27"x27"x63" Hydroponics Grow Tent Kit 1680D with 4” Ventilation Kit
Here’s what I have and have been using. Planning on upgrading the light to a 300w quantum board and moving the ts1000 into a smaller tent or a tent of the same size for veg. It’s got all you need in the kit (it’s all pretty solid quality, too) and you have to find a good place for it that you can ventilate. That’s important!


Thank you, I’m gonna look into it :call_me_hand:t3:

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I learned that the grow tent is something that you can go budget on. The Mars Hydro is a good affordable light (same one that I use) however from all the reviews and consulting with a growmie of mines, I kind of wished I went with a Spider Farmer, its about $100 more however better warranty, uses samsung quantum led boards, and made in USA.

The grow tent set up really depends on your budget, lifestyle and goals, are you looking for a basic build or an automated extreme grow? Good thing with grow tents is that you can just buy each part one at a time instead of all in one.


I’m looking to make a full automated hydro grow system in a tent, I’m in no rush cus I need a new car so that’s my next investment lol, but I’m just looking to find about as much as possible so when I’m ready I can start buying parts here and there

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The most expensive parts are really the Automated parts, look to spend around $1000 on just automated parts if you are looking to go high end automation. CO2 will add about $300-400 to the total cost.

I would recommend just staring with the basic parts first like a tent, light, voc scrubber, in line fan, growing mediums and feeders, nutrients, seed.

You can worry about all the bells and whistles such as automation and co2 later.

There are many brands out there (you can google “grow tent controllers” to see what’s out there) for automation but here are some popular ones in the market:

How are you looking to feed your plants? DWC? Drip? because this also determines which automated parts you may want to get.


I was thinking about using the grobo system but some how connecting it into a tent I saw someone do it and it came out really cool


You mean like this? :laughing:

@SWSVIC also has a set up more catered to the grobo. he can probably give you some pointers on size and how he got his set up going.


I haven’t seen that one but that looks really cool too lol, the one I saw was the guy made his own tub for the water and stuff but he took the tubing system from the grobo and out it in his tent and did something like that and it came out really clean

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I’m at work rn so can’t chat too much, but after this grobo grow I’m taking a break from growing cus the apartment I’m in is too small and I want my kit grow in a tent so ima just save up cash for that and then hopefully be in a new living space, thank you though for the help and for the pics of ur set up it looks really cool

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Where did you see this, I want to see :eyes:

I forgot tbh lol