Grow my little Grobo grow



im so excited to get my Grobo!
My main reason for using the grobo is fort medical use of marijuana, for me and my boyfriend. I have three questions.

How many grams of medicine do i get every cutting/ from one plant?
What is the best strain to use in the grobo?
What strains have you tested in the grobo?

Hope you’re having a nice day


Hi Jasminsofias,

Thanks for the positive vibes. I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Yield is a common question and your results will vary, even when you grow the same strain. You will get about the same yield using a seed or a clone. Over time, clones will yield more due to the time saved. (Clones can go straight to flower and save over a month of vegetative growth time) In my testing, I’m constantly pulling 1.5 - 2.5 oz per grow.

There isn’t a ‘best strain’ to use in the Grobo One, it is up to you to decide what you like. Some cropping or topping can increase your yield by filling the entire grow chamber, but Indica, hybrid, auto or Sativa all work well.

I’ve tested a ton of strains to date. A couple I was impressed with were Pinapple Express by G13 Labs, Original Amnesia from Dinafem and the Chocolate Haze from Royal Queen Seeds.

Can’t wait to hear what you are growing in your Grobo One!


Did the pineapple express by g13 require much topping? What was it about that seed that impressed you?


Also do you remember approximately what your yield was?


Hi @Wolf,

G13 Lab’s Pineapple Express is a sativa dominant hybrid with Trainwreck and Hawaiian parents. Fresh seed, popped within 24 hours and grew vigorously. (Thanks True North Seed Bank!) I did some training by topping it twice and utilizing some super cropping in the later stages. Yield was an average of 49 grams of frosty nugs per run.

Hope that helps, so many strains, so little time. :wink:



Thank you for the info. Would you be willing to expose the best highest yield grow seed you have run through any test yet?


Lol, it’s really not as simple as get the best seeds = highest yield. I’m averaging two ounces per grow right now, with a couple reaching close to 3. I’m anxious to see what @Azuri pulls, keep an eye on his grow…


I’ll get some pics up soon!

I defoliated my plant at week 2 into flowering. Well I just started week 4 and she such a beast she completely replaced all her vegetation again, I haven’t done anymore trimming since I need to let her flower can’t shock at this point. Many shoots incoming

Some other interesting on observatioms it appeares that @rainstorm3 plant which is the same strain showed signs of flowering before 12/12 kicked in and I’m only just startling to see real signs of flowering at week 3? :man_shrugging: I’ll be adding at least one week to flower at minimum. Looking at US thankingsing for harvest time.


Here’s mine as of today @Azuri …little popcorn buds! I think my “official” harvest date was to be Nov 8, but I’m obviously going to have to keep an eye on that. I gave her a major trim last week and will not leave it so as not to shock it either.


Your plant is looking great, it’s a hardy strain! I’ve snipped and clipped a lot but it really slowed things down I can see the difference between our plants in the buds anyways so far. None the less they should be both good harvests!


I’m stoked for both of these grows!