Grobo starting to rust


has anyone else’s grobo started to rust. mine has one area in the back that is starting and a bigger area behind the reservoir that is really starting to rust. makes me worry how this thing is going to hold up after a couple years. I thought since day one they should have made it out of aluminum so rust wouldnt be a problem.


Wow that’s fked up. And it’s not nutes from what I can tell. I’d let them know and get a replacement for sure


I’m not having that issue at all Try wiping it to see if its really rust and not just some nutrient splash.


Not nute splash as far as I can tell, and it seems like a new unit. Res is clean so maybe new or just sterilized from a previous grow, but nute splash doesn’t make the finish bubble :scream::triumph::exploding_head:


Did you just get the unit? If not how many grows?

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I just checked my unit have zero rust . Maybe it got one of the unlucky ones.

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I’m on my first grow. Sand it down and hit it with white paint


Wow that’s scary! Does insurance cover this?


Not sure. Probably more warranty than insurance I would assume. This is the first time I brought it up


@LtcTerps, warranty was the word I should have used, thanks! I hope the team can solve & replace this unit for you while letting the community know what the cause was and how it effects future units because this unit won’t last long if this is your first grow! Sorry this happened to you but this one definitely deserves a :ticket: ticket.

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Hey @greenmatter,

Sorry to hear you are having rust issues. Please contact me through and I can get you fixed up.