Grobo Power Brick


I wanted to ask the community about the power brick that comes with the g r o b o. I noticed that mine is very hot I keep it away from anything else electrical and it is laying on my tile floor which is always cool to the touch not sure why it’s so hot just making sure I shouldn’t be concerned.:volcano:


Mine runs hot in the summer. In the summer I kept a fan on it 24/7.


@ToddYYC I wasn’t sure if it’s normal or not I mean I have a power brick for my Xbox that’s plugged in all day and it’s never really hot at all wasn’t sure if it’s something I should think about getting a replacement or deal with the heat :volcano::hotsprings::sunny: I mean if it hasn’t been an issue I suppose its fine​:man_shrugging:t4: just figured I’d ask fellow groboers and it makes me wonder about temperature and stuff like my room’s always in the low 70s with fans running on top of the a/c. I’ve been averaging like 80 ,86 degrees I figure the temperatures different inside the unit but just wanted to make sure it wasn’t getting hot because of a power source issue or something.


Ours is warm, but it is wintery now so it feels nice… My Husband’s heat pad is as hot and it hasn’t caused a problem with fabric… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::wink:


Should be normal im dealing with the same symptoms. You’d just have to find ways around it if heat does become an issue.


They do get warm, but you should be able to keep your hand on them. If they seem too hot, hit me up at please & thank you .