Grobo pickup & office tour


Hi! I am looking to order grobo and notice that you stated you give tours in lab if someone would like to pick it up instead of shipping to home? I would like to take a tour to solidify me purchasing the grobo. I recently got a refund for for Seedo machine. Please let me know what the process is for seeing your tours. Thank you!

Just got my grobo (Damage Report) [RESOLVED]

Hi @Belfemmenoi,

Welcome to All Growers!

We absolutely love showing off our office, grow lab and manufacturing facility. Saving the money on shipping is also a great motivator to making the trip to Waterloo, Ontario Canada. When are you available to visit?



I am hoping I can visit in November. Are you guys open on weekends? I was hoping possibly November 1st or something like that.


We sure are, moving details to private messaging…


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@Belfemmenoi you won’t be disappointed!! My brother and I picked mine up about a month ago and did the tour, made me feel really good about what I was purchasing because it is alot of money. But you’re in good hands with grobo and everyone involved. And it’s locally made whats better than that? Lol
looks great in the living room too


Can I get a tour next summer? I already love my grobo, but I would love to see the facility and meet everyone that made this product a reality.


Sure can @Stephane! Just let us know when you want to stop by!