Grobo pickup & office tour


Hi! I am looking to order grobo and notice that you stated you give tours in lab if someone would like to pick it up instead of shipping to home? I would like to take a tour to solidify me purchasing the grobo. I recently got a refund for for Seedo machine. Please let me know what the process is for seeing your tours. Thank you!

Just got my grobo (Damage Report) [RESOLVED]

Hi @Belfemmenoi,

Welcome to All Growers!

We absolutely love showing off our office, grow lab and manufacturing facility. Saving the money on shipping is also a great motivator to making the trip to Waterloo, Ontario Canada. When are you available to visit?



I am hoping I can visit in November. Are you guys open on weekends? I was hoping possibly November 1st or something like that.


We sure are, moving details to private messaging…


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