Grobo pickup from Grobo


Hi All. I live within an hour and a half from Guelph. I would like to personally pick up my Grobo when it is ready. Please advise. Thanks, Jeffrey


Hey Jeffrey,

That’s totally possible! When you receive your final invoice use the coupon code Waterloo and it will not charge you for shipping. Once your Grobo is ready we will email you and you can come pick it up!



I mean, I’m from Barrie but, I’m definitely willing to drive down to pick this up when the order is finally fully finished… which I hope is very soon. Any more sneak peaks at the new updated version of the Grobo or app itself.

Would now also be a good time to order seeds from somewhere so they arrive in time for the shipping date ?


Hi Daniel,

Check out our upcoming newsletter for sneak peeks at our progress. It’s been a great month! For seeds, it’s never too late to get some good solid genetics in house and with proper storage (Dark and dry) they will last for years. What strains/breeders are you interested in?



Hey Stephen,

I have some fruit plant seeds and might eventually try to grow a dwarf plant as well, not sure which type of dwarf plant but if you have suggestions, I’m open to any that you’re willing to share.

And now to the medicine side, I’m a cannabis user and currently in the process of obtaining a medical license for myself. On that note, I prefer sativa strains as I like the “uppy” feeling, being able to still function and perform daily tasks or work which I’m in the HVAC trade. I like sativa strains that can minimize pain/stress/anxiety without the sleepy effects. I’ve been searching but haven’t found much as there’s so much out there. If you know of any sativa strains that grow small but have a fair-good size yield, I’m open to your opinion if you have any sites you’d like to refer.

Thanks so much.


Hi Daniel,

Fruit eh? I can tell you there is a big push here at Grobo headquarters for strawberries this year. That’s where I’ll be focusing in the fruit category. For cannabis I’d recommend a hybrid like Pineapple Express. “Born of Trainwreck and Hawaiian, this is a super sweet, fruity sativa blend that is bright green and orange in color. Fans of this strain report that it provides a huge boost in energy and creativity so you can get things done.” I’ve grown out G13 labs Pineapple Express and was pleased with the results.