Grobo offical report / opinion

I just wanted to my grobo report really quick what I like about the system what I dont like about the system . The goods and the bad. For one the community you guys are great , I always can find help on here if need be . I’ve been here on grobo for alittle bit now , I wasnt a long time member , when the word got out to the usa I had to get grobo I mean who doesnt want a machine that grows for you :slight_smile: . The price eh if you understand the mechanics in it , it’s somewhat understandable . This is a hydrphonic self growing grow box … I mean come on the future is here guys ! I’ve spent all and all easily 3k on grobo … it’s been good , but some things do concern me . I’m going to go with the bad first and then we can discuss the way more positive side . Everyone manages to do things to thier boxes , air temp/ humidity/ water temp and not to mention ph . Controlling all at once and keeping an eye out can be hard , I’ve seen alot of people lose their crops over it … always shed a tear for those people and pray it doesnt happen to me . Humidity in my box stays very good 40 to 60 % and that’s all she wrote , inside box temps I never worry about my temp never reaches over 87 , I’ll be lucky if I even get that hot … I keep the grobo in my room with a 400$ remote fan on blast with the house on 70 because its florida . She stays at a nice temp but in most cases this is where you’re problems start is not having room temp the right control to keep this machine alright , most people have to buy a water chill and more whatever I’m sure we all have heard it … and that’s okay small fixes makes big things happen . My default on that side would be the size of the box even if I wanted more humidity I couldnt unless I went and found and bought something extra , I guess I’m really hoping in the future grobo will make TEMP controls and solutions for everything . I havent had a problem yet knock on wood but like I said , you go and buy something on amazon thinking it will fit in this little box it’s not going to work it takes up way too much space , another negative would be the AIR STONE , I see alot of people asking … and honestly … I hooked one up from the outside … so I have one internally hooked up and external plugged into the wall running into the hydrphonic box in the back , my plants never suffer any damadge not health problems … I’ve had people tell me purple stems or red stems mean you know an uneven balance of something … but with my water temp and my oxygen , the plant continues to thrive . More oxygen cant hurt the plant :slight_smile: , but that stock air stone … boy … yeah it’s a pos I’ll just say it lol sometimes mine works sometimes it doesnt … now FANS okay after three weeks i think you’re fans should be on running maybe on low depending on strain and time may vary , I honestly never though mine worked , untill one day i stuck a screw drive “small” screw driver and hit the fan , and let’s just say they work … I had to open my box and check connections I was scared at first , there is nothing major or anything to worry about with grobo unless something is really wrong … and everything is just going bad . I suggest the people who have a problem with the fan do the same except with a PAPER or PLASTIC straw to check those fans and see if they are going . Filling and draining times , yes it’s always good to change the water … but one thing I’ve learned with grobo you dont have to change it as often as they say , if you’re water temp is good and everything is okay and you’re using distilled over the counter water , you should have no problem using that water for 10 days I’ve done longer than that , but I wont speak on it lol … just me being lazy … still nothing bad has ever happened . Water levels can be confusing and honestly if that water line is right under that coco pod but not touching , you’re good to go . Sometimes I leave mine alittle high and let mother nature do its thing , maybe not the smartest thing to do but … me being lazy once again … and if a lazy grower and can grow like me , with the help of grobo if all things are working right YOU Will love this thing … LEDs diodes , amazing taste and flavor depending on the strain … i think one of my biggest defaults about this , is the wifi . I cant tell you how many times I’ve been like what the f**k with this thing and wifi and I have 2 wifi units in my house a 4g and 5g , and sometimes it’s still a pain … I get scared whenever she gets disconnect because the odds of getting connected back are slim as in right that moment but I’ve always gotten the wifi back up , I really think grobo , with how mechanically smart these guys are can make an app to make us growers lives and more easier when they said an app on my phone I thought an APP . Lol this isnt an app it’s a website used like an app , I just have an open folder in my internet browser for grobo and this FOURM , I think it would be much less of a hassle if grobo could bring both together AN APP AND FOURM in one . The fourm isnt just for grobo it’s for everyone , on here it’s like family, no one knows everything and everyone always gets along . Another thing I will say is know you’re grobos LEDS this will help you big time in the long run , if you’re connected disconnected , everything . I have taken the box apart myself and seen everything first hand and the engineering behind it is amazing . You can grow whatever you want … have a tomato or a strawberry lol , seriously whatever you can think of this thing has got you covered . Besides real trees the only trees grobo can grow is the ones you can consume :wink:
Less Maintenance
Growing timing
Hydrophonic , hydrphonic is a strong big game changer for this box making you’re plants grow not by week or by day but by hour … you can see changes in you’re plant … and just watch everything take off … only other things I havent covered in this and I apologize for writing so much , I speak what’s on my mind . But PH is a big factor with this , I manually do ph after my additives . And I let the box do the rest … get the ph wrong … and you’re in trouble… not in big trouble grobo has yiure back but if you’re ph meter is down , you need to get a new probe asap . I’m on my second grow with over 170 days on my ph probe and still no problem … shes still chugging like Thomas!! I WONT be posting anymore full grows , I will snap little pics and post them after the grow is done or if I run into any issues where I’m just scratching my head . With that being said grobo IS worth the money … it’s a hobby , love it or hate it , take it or leave it … but this works as advertised . Very good customer service … dont worry to much … if you’re box is running wrong , our buddies in Canada got you covered … but 100% coming from 2nasty … even mommy loves the kush , and momma is 50 :laughing::grin::sweat_smile:


Oh and god bless you all I know we have different language people on here , I’m very fluent in Spanish so if anyone needs help, please let me know . no tengas miedo de enviarme un mensaje ,


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Well said @Ray2nasty :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


I’m bilingual, I can do French if ever need be guys and gals!



Nice review. Apparently an app will be here shortly according to a Q&A video posted a couple months ago


How exactly do you do an air stone outside the box?

The back bottom left corner has a moveable venting slide. If you thread the tubing from inside the unit down the back left corner you can pull it out rhe back and plug it in.
I run one in both my units full time regardless of grobos or not.


I’m not quite understanding what you mean by plugging it in. The back right has a big plastic piece that’s moveable.

Okay never mind that, I forgot for the moment we were talking about outside as I was reading response re stone on other thread as well at the same time and got confused, sorry.

I see the panel outside but I’m still going to need major simplified step by step a b c photographic instructions for this I think :pray::pray::pray:.

Thank you so much!


Video or pic I need to no also just in case cause my second grow n still running grobo airstone n airpump . I do have a back up of both but when time comes I will be clueless and in panic mode lol true facts😆


Ill take photos this weekend for you to see


Thx todd

Thank you very much!! :hugs::grin:

Lift white lid when plant is not there and thread your tubing down the left back side. On the outside of the unit in the second photo is where tubing comes out the back and plug into your secondary pump. You can even use grobos air stone of you want. I use a new one every 2 grows



So how does it work if I want 2 is there 2 tubes or?

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Put as many as you want there. I have a stone per machine myself
I have one fan in one unit threaded out the front.

Thank you for the pictures. I’m still just a little confused but after more looking on amazon I think I got it. So there’s an air pump that I’m guessing sits outside the unit plugging into a wall and nothing plugs into the grobo through the opening in the back right? Just the hose for the extra stone runs through there to the pump, have I got it? I think I must be close looking at this aquatic stuff, never owned fish :joy:

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You got it.


Thanks @ToddYYC !!! I appreciate your patience and understanding with my being such a newbie!

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