Grobo in a locker

Hi all,

I have just set up my Grobo in my appartment for the first grow and everything and I was wondering if anyone put theirs in a locker or something? To reduce sound and possibly smell in the future?

I just have been thinking that it will be a bit too loud in the appartment in the long term and had the idea to custom build a wooden closet and insulate it a bit from the inside.

Has anyone ever done that? Might it get too hot in there during let say summer time?

Appreciate your thoughts :slight_smile:



Hi David, welcome to the forum. I’ve never done that but I do know that with anything electronic it’s good to have a ventilation system so it doesn’t over heat. I’ve seen on people put theirs inside closets.

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Same here. I modified a „Pax“ from Ikea and 3d printed a ventilation adapter. See link below (add www as I‘m not able to post links)



Oh wow thanks a lot! That looks really nice!

Did you just connect it to the upper vent at the back?


Yes, I taped the adapter on it to be easily accessible for servicing. I cut a hole at the bottom in the back of the locker where fresh air comes in. Going through the grobo it is sucked away by the adapter where a turbine is place in the airflow to suck the air from the grobos back and push it upwards through the additional carbon filter in the upper area of the locker. Behind the filter is an extra cutout in the back of the locker to let the warm air pass outside.
Mine started to smell after few days in early veg and the builtin filter was no big help.

Seems like a smart design! :slight_smile:

I have also some smell concerns and already closed all the small gaps in the Grobo with silicone, maybe that helps a bit to increase the filter efficiency, too.