Grobo Grow Competition 🌲 🧙


Sweet @Azuri
Thanks for Sharing along the grow.

Last question.

Are you going to “try” to keep some from every grow. Sorta collector’s/ perfectionist way?


Hmm it didn’t cross my mind. I doubt I will, my days of running completely dry are never going to happen again since I can grow and it’s legal here now so less tempted to smoke a stash it could work, lol. I think I’ll keep memories via pictures / journals.


What your saying is you need 3 more grobos for that too happen… gotcha…hehe









Happy New Year growers!

The contest has ended, if anyone has pics of weights to post, now is the time. I’.l be posting the winner here on Monday.



@Stephen wish I had my first harvest done to compete. Always next competition :sunglasses:



Any word on a new or future contest?


Yeah, I gotta get in on one of these.


Yeah! I have a harvest in a month or so contest would be cool since I missed the holiday one…lol Speaking of which, was there a winner?


Grobo grow contest winner for 2018 is @Azuri weighing in at 1.98 oz!

A prize pack is on the way to you sir, congrats!

Watch for new contests coming up soon…



Woot thanks! It’s like two prizes the harvest and now. :+1:




Congrats @Azuri, If I get anywhere near that yield in the future I will be super happy.



Congrats azuri awesome bro. Wish I could smoke it. Lol. Mine is pretty potent…was tempted to ship some to grobo hq