Grobo Grow Competition 🌲 🧙




@Stephen are we going to do wet or dry yields?




@Chris I think he mentioned dry weight after minimum of three day dry time.


@Ctaylor684 Oh jeez, I see it now. I was expecting it to be in point 1. is probably why I missed point 3. :expressionless:




No worries man. I do it all the time on here. :green_thumb:






I’m in, currently drying so I’ll have a number for ya in a few days


Flucuated between 0.9 Oz and 1.0 Oz., so lets say 0.95 Oz (23.65 gm). Strain ended up kind of airy…so probably add a small fan next time underneath and maybe diff genetics? Suggestions?


I forgot to post my dry weight here, but it was 1oz on the dot.


I’m on day 14/41 flower I think I might be able to to enter


Ok here’s my dried results just a tad under 2oz’s All my bud is cleaned and trim no stock or leaves ready to smoke or vape. Many of the buds are “airey” except for the main tops. Next grow is on the way. :+1:

Large Jar = 41g
Small Jar = 13g

Total = 54g

There was also 14g of good sweet leaf and popcorn bud but I didn’t add that to the totals up top.

Harvest Time - OG Kush

Damn @Azuri nice haul. What strain was this again. Smoked it yet?


Hey @ToddYYC

It was OG Kush feminized. It smells good but I plan on curing for two weeks at least before smoking to get rid of that “wet grass” smell typically present when you first harvest. It’s tempting I may give it shot in a few days. :+1:


Good to know. I feel like our harvests will be close go each other. Loving the skunk smell in the house. Or at least in my office.


Hey bro when you get a chance can you take some close up picks of the buds you got …thanks :pray:


You bet. Curing glass jars at the moment but once ready I’ll drop some pics in.:+1:


Awesome job Azuri! Mine was alright at 0.95 Oz, but had some hiccups along the way. Overall, really impressed with the Grobo :slight_smile:


Hey @JonnyBlaze

I dumped some out today to check on the curing and snapped some pics below. I did a lot of topping and micro-topping so end results are multiple bud sites vs huge stacked colas. I was worried that many of the buds would be too airy but now that’s it’s dryed it’s less of concern. Lighter looking buds came from the lower part of the plant. :+1:


Ohh I should add I haven’t smoked a single bud of it yet. I did 4 days of drying and I’m on day 5 of curing. I’m fortunate to have a decent stash right now I’ll wait out two weeks of curing before lighting up. :sunglasses:

I was also curious if after this amount of time of daily burping and curing I may have lost more weight. I’m pleased to say buds are dense and no weight has been lost. I tared twice and actually gained a gram on the smaller jar from orignal.

I re-weighed today and displayed final dry weights in OZs as well. :us: :canada:

Large Jar = 1.45oz
Small Jar = 0.53oz

Got some changes i’ll do on my next grow which is at day 9 now.