Grobo Grow Competition 🌲 🧙


Merry Weedmas everyone :slight_smile:

Anyone interested in a friendly grow off competition?



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What’s the prize @Chris hahaha
What are you growing today?


Hmmmmm good question. I could arrange for a trophy - I know a guy. We need to discuss what the competition surrounds as well (most yield, perhaps?)

I’m growing an Auto Blue Dream at home for experimentation purposes! We’ve had some experiences with this breeder and seed type before and they finish rather well in the confines of a Grobo




Discount or free supplies runner up gets some pods game @Chris


Hehe game :grin:


Count me in! But for my next grow…in about…3 weeks? Lol.


I’m around I might have to pop something special for this …


You make a good point @rainstorm3 that not everyone will be able to start this week sometime (preferably yesterday as that’s when I would have announced the competition). However, we do have grow journals so I’d suggest that we compare our grows by looking at the same # of days into the schedule.

There’s also the complication that everyone is going to harvest at different times even if everyone is growing the same strain. Hmmmmm so much to think about :thinking:. We’ll figure that out later. This competition may go on far past the time that the first person harvests

@ToddYYC I like that idea - I’ll spin it by the marketing department to see what we can do for the winners

So far the competition signup looks like:

I think “most dry yield” are fair parameters. We’ll make up the rules as we go :slight_smile:


Lol love this @Chris sounds like my kind of contest


Do a small trial competition to figure out rules and such. Then maybe there could be a announced competition that people could plan and all join in.


I’ll play along!


Ok @Chris,

Merry Weedmas indeed. I’ll put a Grobo headquarters prize pack up for the winner of this contest!

How about these guidelines?

  1. Biggest yield wins! Buds only, no sweet leaf included.
  2. Contest is over Jan 1st, 2019
  3. Dry weight by the gram after min 3 days dry time
  4. Photo of final buds on the scale

So basically if you are able to harvest before Christmas, you can be in the contest. This contest is only for those growing in a Grobo One.

What say you’s?



Iam Green :grin:


In it to win it … what’s the deadline ?

  1. Contest is over Jan 1st, 2019


I’m game, Im pretty sure I should be harvesting close to Christmas so that be perfect.


I’m in harvest in about 4 to 5 weeks for me. One thing I will be drying for at least a week externally. I plan on cleaning my Grobo and get my next grow going, don’t want it tied up for week in cleaning and drying. My 3 days of drying would be comparable to 5 days of out of Grobo drying? Fair?


I’m close for harvest I think Stephen.


Sounds fair to me!


Welcome aboard @ToddYYC !