Grobo Firmware Updates Thread

Hey everyone!

This thread will be used to track Grobo firmware updates and provide a change-log for each version.

This thread will be locked to commenting for organization but a new one has been created. Please use Firmware Update Comments Thread to post any questions or comments you have regarding any recent releases.

Please note:

The unit user LED will flash a magenta colour to indicate it is flashing the newest device firmware. Do not use your unit, or restart your unit during this time. After the flash is done the user LED may flash red for a few seconds and then go back to breathing light blue. This is expected. If problems persist please contact Grobo support at


Update 9.0.0


  1. User LED brightness now dims when the grow lights switch off, and returns to full intensity when grow lights are on.

  2. Slight improvements for WiFi related detection

  3. This update is laying the infrastructure for future updates. Expect more to come in the near future


Update 9.2.1


  1. WiFi reconnect logic has been upgraded and sped up.

  2. Improved nutrient dosing stability. Dosing is now more robust during edge case usage.

  3. Various system stability upgrades and Security updates