Grobo/allgrowers first annual reunion anyone?


Just like the title suggests, anyone down with starting a grobo/allgrowers first annual reunion? I think it would be awesome if we could coordinate some sort of get together. We could meet each other in person, maybe start at headquarters with a tour etc. Suggestions anyone? I’d love to meet some of you and your the facility, have a smoke :dash: What do you think all??? Possibilities could be endless. Just a thought.


What a great thought @rouleauj!

We would be honoured to host something here at world Grobo headquarters if there is enough interest.




Yep, I think it would be fun to put faces to the names and just enjoy meeting one another. A tour would be super fun and we could all partake, hopefully with grobo grown green lol


A bit of logistic challenge. I go to Toronto a couple times a year and I would need to bank out to the west a bit to Waterloo but not sure of dates. Anywho I google mapped it… :joy:



That’s alright, I’d have to fly in! But could and would!! :scream::joy::exploding_head:


Lol always only eastern canada. The good stuff is out west… lol.


I don’t know Todd, I’ve always loved Quebec. Friends and I would drive there from northern newhampshire @ 16! Fun


Well let me know what dates and where you decide and I’ll get you all a hotel deal if you’re traveling from out of town.


That would be awesome, and I would totally fly in! Quick question though, what’s the deal with having a DUI in the States and coming to Canada? I got it close to 8 years ago and have been hearing I can go if I fly in, or some say I can’t go period. What do you locals know?


All I’ve heard is its case by case…


I’m in for the annual reunion. Just tell me when and I’ll book off work and pack my volcano!