Green mold on top of pod


Have you put in a (( :tickets::ticket: Ticket yet?.. The ((#GroboTeam)) can check out your data… To me, this looks bad, but I’m not a professional… :worried::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I’ve responded through support for this one, good luck @Hainesjr1.

This one is a bit more of a concern @Dew, not a beneficial bacteria, more like root rot slime or cyanobacteria. It will harm your young plant by suffocating the roots. I recommend Botanicare’s Hydroguard to help fight off this nasty stuff. If in Canada, applying Hydrogen Peroxide to your reservoir is your best bet, can’t get Hydroguard here.



@Stephen what is the best way for @Dew to apply hydro guard? I’d like to know in case I ever run into this issue :crossed_fingers: ( I don’t)


Go to Botanicare website punch in the information for the feeding chart based how many gallons our tank is and it will tell you…I wouldn’t worry about burning the plant as it’s beneficial bacteria helping to break down organic matter … not a supplement as far a nutrient goes… just dump it in the reservoir when you drain and fill and add like a cup or two of water


@chris_barfield do you know what size the tank is?


Believe it’s 2.6 gallons


Upon high fill you are looking at 11 litres (2.9 gallons), so I’d add 5-6 ml per drain/fill.

Cause for concern? [RESOLVED]


I’m sorry folks, I guess this video is no longer available at this time???.. :thinking:


if you can find it get Hydroguard. Hydrogen Peroxide is a temporary solution i think and you have to apply it daily. Hydroguard is your best bet but I might be wrong