Green mold on top of pod


Hi I’m new to allgrowers as well to growing anything in general. I am having trouble with my first grow, it’s been 3 weeks and nothing sprouted. Upon inspection I noticed what appears to be green mold on top of the coco pod. I followed directions and thought I had a clean environment, only opened grobo to drain and fill water when prompted. I have attached a picture below. I also inspected the seed and it did not sprout at all not sure if maybe I put it in to deep. I did scan some of the forum suggesting to soak seed first which I’m currently trying for 2nd seed. If anyone can advise I’d appreciate it and thank you in advance.


What I understand the cocopod has some microbes or something inside to help with germination so that’s what you could be seeing … but as far as the seed goes could be a dud or maybe try germinating in a cup for 24 hours… maybe there wasnt Enoch moisture to break through the skin of the seed therefore might not realize it’s time to germinate


3 weeks? Wow, yea, I really think you’d see something by now if it was going to grow. If you left the coco pod moist, you should have def had a sprout by now. Might be time to start over.


Hi @Blackthumb,

Welcome to the forums! Sorry to hear your seed didn’t pop! 3 weeks is much longer than I’d wait, usually fresh seeds will pop within 3-5 days. You may have a bit of algae growth on top of the pod if it was wet for 3 weeks in the full blast of the light. Usually the plant comes up and covers the coco pod, and the lower water level dries it out enough to combat any algae growth. It’s not harmful and can be wiped off if you wish.

It is indeed time to start again my friend, sorry.



@Blackthumb if you haven’t thrown out your seed yet you can try this step I watched on YouTube… :eyes::eye::clapper::wink::smiley:

Good Luck… :grin:

Plants up to 40 days and germination
1st Grow

Thank you guys I appreciate the help! I am going to sterilize the unit and try again and will update my progress.


Yea @Blackthumb just make sure on your next attempt you try not to leave the coco pod soaked with water when planting seed. It’s gotta have at least some weight of water and make sure pod is fully inside the lid because i was confused at first on how deep the pod at to go down the lid so it could reach the water level. One last step if you dont see your seed sprout within 5 days just take a small peek to see the progress and if you’re still having troubles you can always youtube the wet paper towel method. Which involves wetting a paper towel and germinating the seed in a dark place for a few days which the wet paper towel will act as the soil so you dont have to dig it up later, hope this helps.


@Blackthumb you can go right from the Grobo helping video here to help… :eyes::eye::clapper::wink::smiley:

Good Luck… :grin:


Collage step by step on planting a seed…

With Luck you’ll have…



Cool collage @SilverGrobo, did you make that?




@Chris :camera_flash::camera: Yes-Yes I Did…

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Thank you for the pics they are great, i do have a follow up question. I see that it says to make coco pod flush with top of the lid, however my unit has a top of pod line which is probably a good 1/2 inch or so below. Should I keep it flush? Im wondering if my 1st grow it was to low and getting saturated?


Dont keep it flush. Keep it under the top of pod line as i mentioned above.


As @NOo_Reggie stated @Blackthumb please adjust your coco pod to the level that the stickers state on the lid (you have to push it down about half an inch)




@Blackthumb ((@fuz and I))-we had ours flush like the video suggested, but we are not professionals… I would do as what ((@Chris))-Grobo Team Guy Suggested… Maybe they can give you a reason why you have to do it differently… I’m confused on the matter… So Confused… :thinking:
Good Luck to you @Blackthumb



I belive there are two set of instructions for the depth location of the coco pod floating around. This may have been corrected now, the correct location is to the lower side of the blue line on the sticker in the coco pod holder hole.

I belive over time the Grobo team found out it was a better germination results with the coco pod inserted deeper.

Hope that makes sense!


Set the Coco Pod down to the line…



So quick question and hoping for some sage wisdom. I started a new grow after what I thought was a thorough cleaning of the Grobo inside and out and after a few days of the germination stage I noticed an opaque film on the Coco pod.

Should I push the pod up and try to salvage the grow? Is it something to be concerned about? Never had this before. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Hainesjr1, I had some issue with my first germination as well…this should help.

Granted your residue is on the bottom, just been submerged for a long time. Gently brushing that stuff off won’t hurt anything. Mine turned green from all the time that passed, but if anything its healthy bacteria but that was on top of the pod. The bottom should be clean, for the roots and your tank.