Green glass panel


The front fluid glass panel on my Grobo was green today when I got home. I do not recall seeing it that color before. Today was a drain & fill day, so I wonder if they are connected. Have I just missed noticing the green color on drain & fill days past, or is this new, or ???


Not sure without a photo but sounds like the drain fill lighting unless your talking exclusively about the outside glass in which case it might need to warm up??


It was the outside liquid glass panel, not the LED light on the top/front of the unit.


@Cornholio any pictures?




I took one but as you can see it came out more blue than green. Bluer than normal—a later photo shows the more usual purplish coloring.


Interesting - are you able to take a picture of that greener spectrum with the door open as well? Or has it gone back to normal colours




It went back to normal color immediately on opening the door and has been normal colors since, when I’ve seen it.




Cool colors. How does the see thru look work for it?


Pretty well—a bit rose colored but you can see through decently. I am surprised it works so well, because I bought a refurbished unit and the liquid glass was not warrantied to work.


Then I would totally count your blessings. I think they’re awesome yo see inside without opening and love that feature, hence why I never bought a refurbished hehehe.


@Cornholio interesting - if you do ever see it again take a snap and send it to and we can help yah get to the bottom of it




Here’s a photo of the Grobo in “transparent “ mode.


Looks like it’s working fine other than a different color.


What is the usual color in this mode?


Mine is a dark blue purple when off and same colour when in use
But more blue purple than green. Looks good to me


Hey @Cornholio

Looks exactly the same as mine. That’s about as clear as they get.