Grand Daddy Purple - ILGM

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Final update. After a total of 187 days in the Grobo, here’s what I got:

14g of sugar leaf and popcorn. 24g of bud.
After 2 grows by this breeder (one had a Grobo recipe, one was generic), I won’t be using them again.


Still… This is 24g of YOUR bud!!
But wait, wasn’t your first grow higher?
You’re going in the wrong direction!! Dang! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s next?!

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:rofl: Wrong direction for sure. The low yields are scaring me away from ILGM. Six months in the Grobo, I would have expected a little more. Or it could just be me :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Oh well.
I’m growing this in the Grobo. Shining Silver Haze from Royal Queen seeds

And the freebies I got from Seedsman in the tent. Strawberry Cheesecake Autos


I like royal queen seeds. Goos harvests both times.


So I got my seeds from seed man and I just harvested after a 200 day grow, strawberry cheesecake strain “auto”. The root system was on the small side and the buds where supper airy. Around 24g. Before this I transplanted a white widow to soil because it was very slow to climb, also from seedman. Is it me or do they have bad genes? I bought a handful of seeds from them.

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I don’t have experience with them personally but have read many negative reviews. Do yourself a favor and up your seed bank game. Check out Neptune, harvest mutual, speak easy, and real Rocky Mountain high 719.

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Have used Seedsman for sourcing seeds by Dinafem and Barney’s Farm in the past, those have been good.

Would have to say it’s hit or miss when getting the seedsman-branded ones:

  • Had great results with their Bruce Banger fem and Jack Herer fem which both came as freebies and popped/grew nicely (over 1/2lb off each plant least year, huge plants).
  • Also got some of their Northern Lights (not freebies) in that same order and none of those would pop at all.

I think these guys had a booth at a cannabis event selling seeds. They didnt appear to be high quality so we sorted kept going by. But i do remember them having dinafem and barneys seeds.

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I got these from them as well. I should be ok. With these at least. Right?


Dinafem yes should be good. I think there was a grow or two by them on the forums. Never saw Resin before. IMVHO the fancier the packaging typically means lower quality. All higher quality seeds i have come in high quality packaging to keep them protected. not in a ziplock sealed pouch. Try the Dinafem first?

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Either of those is probably better than the seedsman branded ones.

Hadn’t heard of resin but looks legit, here’s where I go to research breeders:

This is one of my favorite tools when looking into strains: Bubblelicious Family Tree: Parents and ancestors of Resin Seeds Bubblelicious!


If your in the States: I would recommend not get Euro seeds - most euro companies just buy their seeds from large scale producers and just rename stuff. In the states look up CSI Humbolt ( huge library of famous cuttings), Archive seed bank( original breeder of dosido), brother Grimm seeds ( Cinderella 99 Breeder) , And Mephisto genetics for Autoseeds




This thread is so great and really tells a story of your plants growth in Grobo! We would love to use these in our upcoming blog post for indica strains in Grobo! Would you like photo credit?

Thank you in advance :smile:

Grobo Support

@stacey.grobo what photos are you interested in?

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We would be using the last one before you harvested! We would otherwise be linking to this blog to show the timeline of your grow.

@stacey.grobo that’s fine with me. The thread kinda got hijacked there near the end :joy:

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As I scroll, I see that more and more! But those photos are incredible and really highlight what an Indica strain looks like in Grobo. LOVE!

Did you want a shout-out in the blog? I may throw in one more photo from Day 164 of Flowering :smile:

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@stacey.grobo A shout out is good. Maybe a little push on that Blue Dream auto recipe from FastBuds I requested :wink:

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