Gorilla Glue Auto: 1st Grow


I use orca but mammoth p and hygrozime are good ones


@JonnyBlaze I had found root rot starting sent pics to the grobo team just last week and they recommended I go out and purchase hydroguard I noticed improvement since dosing I also purchased great white mycorrhizae on the recommendation of @chris_barfield. They seem to be clearing up granted I’m only on day 12 of my grow my root system is not as robust as yours at the moment. I can say the products do seem to invite more root growth as intended and combat root rot.


I’ve been using hydrogaurd from the start but two weeks ago when I did a drain and fill Ali forgot to dose the water and over a 24-48 period my roots were all blk and slimy…at that point I was gunna pull and start over (i was already disappointed how stunted it was) but had no seeds …so I pulled it out the system cleaned and cut the bad out from the roots…I somewhat cleaned the grobo…I put the plant back in awhile trying to figure out if I should just pull it…but decided to order new seeds and wait and see what happens…she did an amazing recovery in short period…but the black slime is back and I did dose with hydro…at this point iam just at a stand still lol …


What recipe did you use ? I have same strain from Growers Choice but used generic auto recipe


I did the say


I purchased some how do u use it


Hey @JonnyBlaze,

Sorry to hear the battle continues. This little auto isn’t going to push out much more volume, but she may ripen up nicely if you can keep her going for another couple weeks. (Do we need to add some time to the recipe for you?) Not going to see much more than 10 - 15 grams I’m afraid. If the new seeds are in, I’d consider starting another round, but not until a good thorough cleaning. Keep the pH probe wet while you attack the tank with vinegar.

Good luck on the next grow,


Thanks Stephen yea I figured when I get the new seeds I would clean out the grobo and start over but it’s not going to be here for a while so for now I would like to extend the grow for two weeks so the plant can finish up and I can start anew …I did send in a support ticket


Sweet, I’ll hook you up as soon as I see it. Let us know how it works out in the end eh?



Here is an Update: Day 71
After all the trials and tribulations this Lil one has gone through she is finally pulling through and stacking on the buds…she may not be big but I the the potency may be pretty dam good :grin: and she smells grrrate !!


Harvest day: she may be small but iam still happy with my first grow…the smell is soo sweet :yum:



Can’t wait to get the smoke report from you. Those buds look delicious.


Damn those look dense a.f.! Nicely done!


Yea iam really surprised how dense they got…to think I was gunna trash this lil girl at one point lol



Congratulations on your Harvest:raised_hands:



Hi what was your final yield and how did it smoke?


How’d it go?


I got 15 grams and haven’t smoked it yet …process of curing is taking longer then expected :cry:


How did it go? Got any new pics?