Gorilla Glue Auto: 1st Grow


Yay :grin: look who decided to join us today
This is day 4 of my grow


Hey @JonnyBlaze

One of my favourite strains! Looking forward to your grow. Is it gorilla glue #4 by chance?


No I was looking for a auto strain of that but couldn’t find one so I went with this


Yeah it seems #4 has only recently hit the seed banks only two breeders im aware of have feminized only versions of it.


Runs to get popcorn… :popcorn:





Here’s an update on my baby girl:

She’s not looking too good :disappointed:
I put in a support ticket
Hopefully we can figure out what’s wrong with her soon


Keep us posted… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: :worried:


Maybe you can read up on some of these… :thinking:


Can you look into my data and see if Iam doing something wrong


Get yourself a PH meter and E.C meter to check the reservoir if it’s in range in terms of those values. Check if any of the nutrient bottles are over-dosing, it shouldn’t be dosing too much at once, this way you’ll know if the PH and EC meters are working okay systematically.


:ticket::tickets: SupportTeam doesn’t have access to your info from here… Although they should put two and two together if you put in a Ticket once and if you only have one :groboone::green_thumb::wink:


I put in a ticket on Sunday night :disappointed:


While we wait beyond the brown spots on the one leaf what other concerns do you have? How many days old is your plant? I know your machine got banged around a bit so any other details may help us troubleshoot. :+1:


She is on day 14
The fan still has not came on I wonder if that cud be an issue ?
Don’t have any other issues going on other then not able to keep the baby healthy rn :disappointed:


Hey @JonnyBlaze

Yeah there should be one fan on by week 2, I doubt that has big impact on plant your size and age. While you’re waiting I would try a quick reboot, unplug for 30 seconds see if that brings the fan back online. Also make sure your aerator is running/making bubbles, beyond that the Grobo guys need to verify your settings as you have already requested support.


Do you know why GroboTeam hasn’t responded to @JonnyBlaze Support Ticket yet?.. :thinking:


Ask them to change your ph to 6 to allow for more calcium uptake


Hi @JonnyBlaze,

I took a peek at this ticket and all looks good. You are on day 14, so a complete drain and fill is in order, this will dispense your 1st round of nutes into the tank and your little girl will love the food. @GroboJason will help you sort your fan issue out, with all the banging around your unit took getting to you, it may have simply become unplugged.

To review, no fans are on until day 11, then the bottom one is activated. Day 25 will see both fans activate.



@Stephen I just did a drain and refill and the fan came on🙌🏾
Can u look into my data one more time …iam waiting on my blue lab kit to come in so at the moment iam unable to check the PH, EC and PPM…
currently using distilled water from a water maker I bought…