Gorilla Glue #4


Day 3-4…:call_me_hand:
A fem seed from canuk.


@SilverGrobo Please do your magic lol






She’s on day 16 and her second set of leaves have 5 fingers a first for me but what she’s saying is she’s really happy :+1:


Day 25 1/14 late veg- topped her 2 days ago she seems to be recovering well :love_you_gesture:


Looks really healthy


Love GG#4. Easy to grow and she stacks nicely. I’m watching this one dew :+1::v:






Hmm… she did not look like this yesterday! @Stephen @GroboJason


Are you out of water?


Well guys ignore my ticket I put in. Roots were beautiful but she twisted right off her stem… I can’t say that’s from me or just the way it came up out of the coco pod. Moving on round 2 on this gal to be continued.


No @Stephen I’m as bummed as those pics look. Maybe i was too rough or topped too soon… but i think it was the way it came out of the pod that part of the stem damped off in less than a few hours. We’ll start over!


Ah! I’m sorry @Dew, buy you were attacked with damping off. It’s a pythium that attacks the stem right where it meets the coco pod. Closes off the pathway for the plant to live, and eventually just falls over and dies.

We prevent this by filling to a lower level when the plant is most vulnerable to being attacked, stage 2. During this stage we dry out the cocopod a bit to eliminate this from happening. Make sure you are not ‘topping up’ during this stage as it’s quite dangerous. (Not saying you did @Dew, just rambling on as usual…:wink: )

Good luck with the next round,


Thanks @Stephen for the support!




Noooooooooooooo :frowning::sob:


Whaaaat! Aw mannnn​:scream::sob:







((#Love))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks for all the love guys. No tears!! We got two more still to try before I give up on this strain!


Round 2 day 4 :crossed_fingers: