Gorilla Glue #4 - GG#4


My latest addition to the family. Gorilla Glue #4 :herb:

She had a slow start but seems to be thriving well now with lots of new growth coming in. Day 24 last day of early veg cycle. Leaves are fat and chubby compared to my first grow. We’ll see if that changes over the grow.


4 grow same strain? Do you mind sharing reasoning behind that decision bro?


This is my 2nd grow my first I harvested last month was OG Kush. This girl is uncharted waters for me. :+1:

Edit: Kinda sounds like I restarted, nope just not posted since she germinated.


Ok. I dont think I’ll repeat strains until I have closer to a dozen under my belt type thing. So I’m curious if those redoing same strains get better harvests as each grow concludes. Always good to see


Thanks for sharing @Azuri


Same unless I get enough seeds of the “perfect” strain.


So excited, as I’ve told you @Azuri, to watch. This will be my next grow! She’s looking great-


Small significant updated. Day 28 (4/14 late veg cycle) topped for the first time today. She was a little small to do it any sooner last grow first topping was at day 24. I’ll be adding a week to veg for this grow since she was slow to start and the HST topping today.


Update time :+1:

Day 33 (day 9/24) 5 days after topping. I had the grobo guys add 10 days to this stage since I topped it once and plan on topping again in a week. You can see the new growth in the centre of the plant as it looks like a caesar salad with lots of new growth and a good recovery. :herb:


She’s recovering right on point- Nice work @Azuri


Day 45

Plant was topped twice and was trimmed last time it was topped. That has all grown back and she’s recovered from topping. I added a total of 10 days of late veg time to compensate for the any stress from two toppings.

3 days from today she transitions to 12/12 cycle where she gets her 2nd last trim. (last one at 3 weeks into flower)