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I’m on day 16 of my grow wanted to get feedback from the community. I scrolled thru @rainstorm3 Og Kush take 2 post and noticed the leafs look similar to mines curled , droopy, and twisted. @Azuri chimed in on the post noticing similar effects in early stages. I just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts on my :bomb:


@puchy yours def looks the same as mine did in the beginning. But now mine is big and bushy and I’ve already had to trim and bend. I’ll take some pics t show you in a couple days. My current running theory is that they might be getting OD’d on Nutes those first couple weeks and the plant just doesn’t know how to handle it. But being a strong plant, they quickly learn what they’re thirsty for and recover pretty nicely.
I’d say yours is looking pretty good for day 15!
Below is what mine looked alike around the same time as yours, and here is is now after trimming off a bunch, and training some stalked under (looks a but twisted)


@rainstorm3 When did you start trimming? That main stem looks nice and beefy!


@puchy I took off the first bottom set of leaves about 1.5 weeks ago, once the first 5 fingered leaves made an appearance. Then tonight I took off more of the huge dense fan leaves around the bottom and twisted/trained some of the upper fan leaves to expose the future bud sites. I’m also going to top her tmrw.


@rainstorm3 @Azuri Take a look at my growth from day 15 to day 19. The smaller leaves from day 15 are completely covered. I am only on my third node at the moment but I wanted to know if I could cut off those smaller leaves that are now no longer getting much light because of the growth on top.


Hey @puchy

I’m at day 27 on my current grow, I’ve not cut a single leaf off yet. Personally I wouldn’t trim anything. Those leaves are helping the new growth prosper.


@Azuri I was looking at the top of my coco pod today and noticed what looks like bacteria to me maybe. :man_shrugging:t5: I know @Stephen has mentioned in a previous post that beneficial bacteria may appear on top of the coco pod. I wasn’t sure if I should brush it off or leave it be. I didn’t know if it could be affecting the water if it were to get down into the reservoir.


Hey at @puchy, if its white, you should be ok to leave it or gently brush away. Might wanna see what @Stephen says. .
This might help, but you’ve probably seen this. .

ChrisGrobo Team - CTO

Oct 23

No - they do not go bad

Is there something up with your Coco Pod @Dew?

Here’s a few suggestions:
-if it’s hard and falls right through the hole in the water tank cover try soaking it for 15 minutes to regain its full size
-if it’s got white/green residue on the top of it, gently brush it off or agitate the Coco Pod until it’s gone

Hope that helps,



@puchy, exactly as @Dew said - that looks to be the good mould that’s a part of the Coco Pods. You can simply brush it away if you want to get rid of it




I topped her a week ago and some Lst this week. Quite a bit of growth has occurred I’m noticing a little bit of drooping on some of the leaves and tears wanted to let everyone have a look and chime in. Right now the plant is reaching towards the light and fan leaves seem to be growing fast.The very bottom leaves are so dry and brown they look like they will fall off themselves, but I haven’t cut anything off except when I topped. I really don’t want to do too much pruning.However I want to be super aggressive with supercropping not sure when I should start thinking about it, but I know that this thing will blow through the roof of my grobo if I dont :rofl:






@puchy just to ensure everything is ok I would suggest reaching out to support@grobo.ca

We’ll be back in full force tomorrow!