Girl Scout Cookies

Good show! What has been your experience growing and using this particular strain? I’m a noobie myself and I’m planning on growing GSC for my first attempt


Man, I was a total Noob last summer. I attempted some GSC as my first grow, but had a few problems with my unit, and it died shortly after germinating. After working with Stephen and the gang at Grobo, we got the all the issues worked out…
I planted some Trainwreck, and it turned out to be :fire::fire:
I harvested it in December, so check out my profile and look at some of the pictures.
Once you get to growing, you learn so much! I’m excited to apply what I know now to this grow. This forum is a great tool, and has people with WAY more experience than me.
Plant that seed!


It’s Alive! It’s Alive!


My girl scout cookies so far





((#LoveYourPortraitPhoto))… ((#IFoundA4LeafClover)):



Update. Day 4/14 Early Vegetation. She looks a little pitiful, but I think the issue is resolved.


If the issue is resolved then you’ll see a quick bounce back!

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7/14 Early vegetation


I just returned from vacation, and she’s grown! But doesn’t look the best…
Day 2/14 Late Vegetation

@Stephen Any idea what’s going on?

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Stevens on vacation

Looks like leaf septoria


See if you agree

Or a calcium deficiency

You’ll want to open a ticket with support

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Looks like a calcium deficiency to me…
I use RO water

Day 7/14 Late Vegetation. I did some light trimming.


Looks like you need to add some cal/mag :+1::v:


Whats a typical dose of cal mag for this setup? 1-2ml and once a week?

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Depends on res size I’d snip leaves with damage off soon. New growth looks great almost like it’s running fine now just damage from existing issues.

I will trim the damaged fan leaves, and see how it does. I’m running RO water, and this seems to be a recurring issue. My last plant never had this problem, but I was using distilled water. I ordered some Cal/Mag, should I add 1 mL to my next refill?

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I’d go with half what the bottle tells you


Did you clean meters after first grow? And how long was unit not used between grows? What was used to clean unit before new grow?

I didn’t really clean the EC meter, I probably should have. It’s a new pH sensor.
It’s been about 6 months since the last grow.
The unit was cleaned with water and vinegar…

How was the old meter stored between grows? I’d check that meter see if it’s caked with anything or abnormal in any way

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