Gigabud g13 day 72



How long have your leaves been droopy like that? You might be developing a ph problem.


Long time maybe 2 weeks ago.
Is that problem and what should I do ?!
I fill it with tap water


Put in a ticket with support they’ll fix ya up no problem!:+1:

Edit: you should try using distilled water or reverse osmosis if you can. You won’t run into problems like you can with tap water


That is your problem. Take a pic of your first few bottles for me please. I’ll bet your ph bottles very low. You should be using ro water. Tap water has too many added minerals and possibly fluoride which is not good. Reverse osmosis water is your best friend and much cheaper than nute replacement! :+1::v:


Send in a ticket, I’ll bet your ph is off.


I’m here in Kuwait city I couldn’t find distilled water in markets that’s why I fill it tap water



Yep just as I thought. Your system is trying to balance the ph of your tap water and it’s having to dose tooo much ph. At this rate you’ll be out of solution before the plant is finished. Go with ro water and both your plant and your system will thank you.


@Mohammed_Alzalzalah, Maybe Support will guide you in the right direction on how to get your water…



@Mohammed_Alzalzalah if you don’t have access to distilled you can always try boiling your tap water and let it cool then drain and fill. Although not perfect, it would certainly help keep the Ph at a reasonable level


Hello guys this is my new update
Is she doing well now ?!




Did you ever put in a (SupportTicket) :ticket::tickets:… It looks like you may need help with this one… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: