Get the most out of your joints?


Don’t agree with the adding the honey tip but the rest seem legit, thoughts?


I switched to strictly vaporization years and years ago. My lungs thank me.

Started out with an iolite(butane). Then I got a magic flight launch box with the super awesome bubbler attachment with the whips. Proceeded to getting a PAX 1 and pulled the trigger on a volcano digital and I haven’t looked back since. Game changer IMO.

I do miss rolling sometimes.


The vape just doesn’t give me the high I like I don’t know for me nothing beats that flower … I like extracts but damn it gets old coughing that hard … smoke some birthday cake rosin and almost coughed up a lung … wish the vape gave me the high I like cuz it’s def healthier


Vapes give you a stronger high than smoking. Perhaps you didn’t try the right vape for you. At you can find a good oversight of different vapes.
I’ve 4 different vapes and they work quite differently. There are some where you can get big and thick clouds (cloud EVO, plenty and so on) others focus more on taste (firefly 2, Ghost MV1 or log vapes)


For you @chris_barfield I would recommend a good table top vape that you can adjust the temperature to your liking. I vape normally at 370f-380f to avoid the coughing fit, but if you want the full bore experience harshness and all. Crank it up and you will be blowing larger clouds than a steam locomotive.

Now if you’re the type of guy that enjoys his smoke out and about than I would go with a good portable vape that again can be adjusted temperature wise to your hearts content.

Essentially what I’m getting at is the less expensive vaporizer for you won’t deliver the experience that you desire. It happened to me… hence the 700$ volcano.

Oh and I also use a lot less flower by vaping.


Love the convenience of the pax and the fact we can cook the chamber dumpings after in some oil or butter
I’m with you tho chris different highs vape vs smoke. I prefer rolls but sure my lungs will eventually prefer a switch


I’m running with the Storz& Bickle Mighty. Been using this beast for the last 3 years and it’s still holding a solid charge and delivering massive clouds of sticky goodness.



Ive heard nothing but good things of the Mighty. Easy to clean?


Yes, I soak the mouthpiece in iso and it’s good to go. It travels with me daily and has taken quite a beating, but keeps on keepin on.


I’m with ya @chris_barfield vaporizers don’t do it for me either. I’ve tried many brands/different types and it just leaves me wanting a bong rip lol. That’s my go to for sure. I love my Roor bong! Joints if I’m going out for a while and want to smoke while I’m out. I’m pretty into shatter/similar concentrates as well. I dab off a quartz banger at 650-600F ( I just use a temp gun to get my range) and she’s smoothe as hell. Get like 3 lungs off a dab smaller than your pinky nail and I’m good to go!


Yea for sure I have a dab ninja and set it for the same temps … I just need to invest in better quality banger … I’m actually getting ready to put my plant through the rosin press …



Niiiiice! Damn I bet that’ll be some quality stuff, let me know how it turns out!


Hi poopa don here once You try vaping you get agreat high better than smoking its pure i reccomend it


I’ve owned a fair number of vapes including my current ones a vapex cloud evo and a firefly 2… I find that when vaping I use approx 30-40% less herb than when I was combusting…but now I’m mostly doing edibles…which again I find consuming this way saves 30% or more herb than vaping! The only downside to consuming edibles is the time between ingesting and the effect… for me on an empty stomach I start feeling the effect after about 30 min with a full effect occurring after about 1 hr also I only consume edibles that I have made…