I’m germinating 2 seeds. One seed popped in 3 days the other seed got stuck in the seed hat and I had to remove it. Its not fully sprouted yet. But my Jean Guy seed sprouted too fast and its really stretched not sure what to do about it. I also noticed the tap root is not growing down its coming towards the surface. How do I fix this. I dont want it to die seeds are hella expensive.

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Paging: Doctor @Stephen:wink:

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What type of light are you using? If you are using low wattage LED move it closer to the seedling so it doesn’t stretch for the light.


I just added the light. Before it was in an incubator germinating in darkness. It popped in 3 days way faster than before

I’m using a vivosun 300w

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Look up what your recommended distance from canopy is In order to save stretch like @Azuri said


I have it at the height its supposed to be. I didn’t have it under a light before.


my new girls. See how shes stretched out… She needs a crutch



((#TwoForDeal))… :wink::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::hearts:


I looked online it looks like I need to replant her for more stability. It says I can use a straw but I dunno. Her neck is way long and her root is not properly rooted I think Im gonna put her in my extra coco pod.


I didn’t sprout for 13 days you’ll be fine.