Germination Question

So how long before I start worrying about my seed. At 7 days and yet to see anything. 15952109537995908238295310169198|375x500

La Confidential fem

Give it until day 10 and then very carefully investigate by peeling back the piece of coco pod that you placed over the seed and peeking in to see if you see any signs of life. For this reason I choose to germinate in a glass of water and then insert into the coco pod.

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Thanks bro I’ll do that… :facepunch:

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@SWSVIC just got my grobo last friday 7/24, you seem to be the guru of the community and i seem to be alittle more paranoid than @Chadillac lol i at roughly day 3.5 of germ so no sign of poking through. Just before finding this convo i actually decided to pop off the piece of coco used to cover the seed and do see signs of hope! It looks like it took just hasnt made it up through the top of the coco yet. Should i leave the little piece of coco on top? Will it push through no problem? Will it hurt to leave the little piece of coco off? First grow ever grobo or not! Running a skyrone haze from Mainely autos collection on a generic hybrid recipe.

Added a picture for reference. Sorry for the quality apprently mounting your phone on your harleys handlebars screws up the camera :rofl: thanks for your time!


What’s up Joseph, welcome to the community my man. I’m pretty new as well but through unhealthy obsession and shameless questioning I have become quite knowledgeable :joy:. Go ahead and place the piece of coco pod back on top of the seed immediately. It will pop out in a day or so my man. I would also drop a few droplets of water on top of the coco pod piece once you’ve replaced it as it most likely dried out a bit from being removed. Happy growing brother, let us know if you have any more questions.


@Chadillac did your LA pop yet??

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No it didn’t… so I took it out of Coco pod and put it in a wet paper towel. Replanted another La confidential and in 4 days I got a sprout… Super stoked :raised_hands:… I’ll grab some pics once I’m back home… Also after 2 weeks checked on the first seed and still nothing… Bad seed.


Copy that, glad to hear you’re in the game!

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My lil LA


Awesome buddy! Try taking pics with flash on, it gets rid of all of those lines caused by the grow light without having to try and time your photos with the Grobo photo setting.

@Chadillac congrats on your sprout! Sorry to hear about the dud.

Here we are looking at day 5-5.5 of germ so i guess im in the right direction from here. Got a top off notification on day 4, i see that once a week is the recommendation for a drain and fill on the water so we shall see how that goes friday! Happy growing!

Thanks Joe, yes I just did a refill and then today a total flush. Yours is looking good… best of luck!

Updated la confidential.

Looking good so far. On today’s refill noticed the ends of first leafs are a little brown… Any thoughts, or am I parinoid. :grin::grin::pray:

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She’s looking a little unhappy my man. Can you post a pic of your nutrient bottles showing what has been used. Also, do you have any idea what your water temperature is?

No idea about water temp have had the air on most days.

Order one of these guys, water temperature definitely something you want to keep under control.


Ordered and on the way… thanks for info bro👊. I appreciate it.

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The water temp is around 75 to 78 is that to warm?

Yes it is. You can try treating your water with Hydroguard to prevent root rot, if that is unsuccessful you may want to consider a water chiller.

I have the hydroguard already guess I’ll try this wed on next flush… any idea how much water it is taking at early veg stage?