I have a question. Is anyone else have issues with germinating in the coco pod. I I started germinating 5 days ago in the coco pod and still nothing is happening. 3 days ago I put a seed in some rockwool and now its sprouting.

This is the 2nd time I ve not has success germinating in the coco pod. Am I the only 1. I’m still gonna wait it out but my first grow took 13 days to sprout.

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I tried once and it took too long for me. I now go with 24 hrs in solo cup then 24 hours in wet paper towel, in a bag in my window and it works much better and faster


Ok. Now I don’t feel so bad. I’m was like what am I doing wrong. I’m germinating a new seed. The grobo seed is dead. I dug it out the stem was all brown.

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That’s when you get damping off


I’m at 100% success rate so far :crossed_fingers:t4:




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