Generic hybrid first grow






Hopefully get it sorted out soon. Successfully performed a top up.:pray:

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Try a reboot :+1::v:Unplug for 5 minutes

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You can do a minute

Will try that right now @Osage update still not draining with a reset(unplug). Thanks for helping maybe @bjorn help please

Hey @LtcTerps

Best bet is to send a ticket to where they will be able to help you. Not sure how much the Grobo guys monitor this site for support requests.


@Azuri sent ticket in last night. Just eager to get it sorted out.


I see you @LtcTerps, let me dig in and respond on support side.



Got these in today from true north with a nice race car toy​:joy:for extra security. And update on my mystery hybrid which I just pushed the coco pod up by @Stephen recommendation. I’ve actually narrowed it down two three different strains it could be. We’ll have a guessing game here soon. :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:



Not sure what strains you have packaged there. I see the tubes of seeds are those the freebies that come with the order?

I’ve got a freebie Cannuk seed going now, blueberry feminized I wasn’t expecting much but it’s turning out nice so far nice tree trunk stem nice thick branches lots of bud sites and great shape and size for an indica.


Wow I was not ready for that bottom pic lol! That’s awesome!!


She still got 5+ weeks left in flower been a great strain so far only got one seed (freebie) and didn’t clone it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


5+?! Damn those should be some fat a$$ buds! I think I got a white widow cannuck freebie maybe I’ll try that one next!


Yeah put her into flower May 22 typically I go 50 to 60 days in flower. She may finish sooner.

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@Azuri yes those tubed were freebies one white widow fem I also wanted to try next in grobo @Russel_Richardson the other freebie is a northern lights. Here’s a screenshot of puks contents

if you’re into hockey this is a cool souvenir :ice_hockey:


That is fucking massive


I was shocked too. I’m getting really good results from my nutrient line but it’s quite a bit pricier then the advance hydroponics line up. Buying the line up front is costly as you well know but now I’m rocking a harvest every 3 weeks I think I can scale back now I’ve reached the threshold where I can keep up to my wife and my consumption. :joy:


Which line r u using

Did some extensive research and leaned to FoxFarm. With that being said their nutrient line is huge so I prefer simple over a buffet of fertilizers designed to drain your wallet lol.

Here’s the hydroponic version ( I have the soil version) feed schedule I use at 1/2 strength.

I don’t use the products in orange. The soil grow recommends 12 products from the line, but I only used the green and purple products on that chart plus cal/mag supplement and pH+ and pH-

I can’t recommend FoxFarm products over others as I am still experimenting myself. FoxFarm and Advance Nutrients both make the same type of additives just with their own unique names.


And I use Sledge Hammer for flushing and Revive as recommended by @Osage I bought some advance nutrient revive when I have some sort of stress event to a plant. Foxfarm has revive product called Boomerang too but again more expensive. Does not necessarily mean better.


I’ll look into it. I’m almost done with my advance nutrients bottles after this grow it might be good to try different

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