Hello @bjorn and @Chris Good morning To the Community of growers out there.
I received My grobo on the 27 of December i was really happy to see it and was excited to start.
Sadly when i removed grobo from the partially open box. I noticed it had a huge dent on the door.
the dent was causing the right bottom corner to stick out making it not possible to close the door. I positioned myself on the side of the grobo and looked at the door, the door was bent out of shape. from my analysis i determined the bend was from the dent. I put in a ticket with grobo already. I am currently waiting for a reply it has been 3 days now. i think i need a new door, due to how its bent out of shape. please help with this issue so i can have a door which closes and opens precisely how the grobo door should work, i have a premium unit. getting started is the goal at the moment but cant with this door.
Please Help!


Sorry about your delivery mishap @Fuego, because of the holiday your ticket has been prolonged, once everyone has returned from their families it should take no time for support to get you squared away. Thanks in advance for your patience and allgrowers are happy to have you! We look forward to growing with you!


Hi @Fuego,

We are incredibly sorry to hear that your Grobo arrived damaged. You’ve done the right thing by putting in a support ticket already.

As @Bplatinum9 shared, we normally respond to help requests within 24 business hours but right now our entire team is taking a much needed vacation to recharge before 2020. Our office will open again on January 6th so you can expect a response by the 7th. We’ll have you growing in no time!

Happy New Year,


thanks @bjorn ill be waiting. @Bplatinum9 thanks for the helpful information i cant wait to start growing.






Truly sorry this happened, and wish there was a back-up plan for such inconvenient timing as the Holidays: You’ll have time to read up on what’s to come next when you get the System running: I couldn’t have said it any better than…



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