Fourth Grow

I am starting my fourth grow. The first three grows went as planned with two exceptions on my third grow.
I tried to grow Bruce Banner and would probably not recommend it to anyone else since the plant was much too big (tall) for my bro on space even with a lot of early cropping.
The issue I had near the end of the grow (last 4 weeks) was the water change.
The water basin seemed to overfill more each time I changed the weekly water.
I could tell from the amount of water I used and the level inside the reservoir.
The unit is programmed to restart once the unit is full but it required overfilling to restart the unit?
I felt that the cause was more than likely that the large size of Bruce Banner must have caused oversized roots which somehow entangled the reservoir leveling devices in the rear right back corner.
After terminating the grow that did not seemed to be the cause.
Now I started a fourth grow with Super Silver Haze.
During the initial fill my tank once again overflowed with no plant roots to speak of?
What is causing my water levels to overfill?
Please help!


Sounds like a bad float switch.