Found broken fan blades


I just stop the dying mode on the Grobo and I found 3 fan blades in back of my Grobo. I don’t think that my plant is getting the rite amount of air into the Grobo when the plant is growing. Is there away that I can replace both of my fans?


@Uglyo217, put in a support ticket :ticket::tickets: to get your answer. They’ll look to see which Grobo you have and see if you have a warranty and such things like that… That looks like an issue for sure… :worried:


I just put in a ticket to support about the problem with the fan blades, thanks for the advice


Thanks @SilverGrobo!

@Uglyo217, we will get you a replacement squared away asap.



How did you find that?


@Stephen @Chris @Grobosupport

I was replacing the #3,#4,#5 bottles, getting ready for the next grow. When I looked at the fan vents and seen some dust started to stick around the vents, when I looked behind the Grobo to see how much dust was there.Then I saw this small piece of black plastic laying on the floor. It was 3 fan blades just laying there.


Oh damn I asked so I can keep an eye out for mine