For owners: what are your thoughts of the noise the machine makes


Hello everyone, iam Jonathan
My question is for the folks that already own a grobo. I made my purchase yesterday but after diving into the comments of other users I am very concerned about the noise…can anyone please give me there thoughts on this…my reason to grow are for personal medical use but want to grow in stealth mode because I have roommates. What are your thoughts?


I wouldn’t grow it in my own room but the noise doesn’t bother me. My buddy stayed in the spare room on sun and he said the noise didn’t bother him said it actually helped him sleep


Hey @JonnyBlaze

I’ll throw some input as well. Current noise level on my Grobo maxed out is about the same noise level of an average bathroom exhaust fan for comparisons sake.

Here’s some info to keep in mind as well. I’ve grown in the past and I can tell you from personal experience that fans are a very critical part of the grow process especially during flowering. By sacrificing air flow to reduce sound will negatively impact your harvest and I understand that doesn’t help anyone trying to go stealth.


Iam just scared that it’s gunna be so noisy enough it bothers my roommates…I hope to god that won’t be the case.


Just run an external fan and tell em you get hot at night and need the air flow. It’ll shut em up and will be good for your plans as well! :joy::rofl::open_mouth::scream::beer:


If your roommates are in other rooms you’ll be fine unless your using bed sheets as walls, lol.


Hehe well that makes me feel better because I most certainly am not using bed sheets for walls lmao :joy:…Thanks for making me feel better :raised_hands:t5:


I do my best not to sugar coat things. How about smell? The Grobo does a decent job of controlling the smell UNTIL you open the door for example. If that might be an issue for noses close by you may have to add some additional odor control. :+1:


Yea I figure I stock up on incense to control the smell…what about controlling temp…have you had an issues with that…that has always been my main issue when growing indoors…I live in Vegas so it’s pretty hot here on a regular basis.


I have mine in a utility room next to my bedroom. With the door shut I hear nothing. With the door open it is definitely heard, It’s not intolerable.


@JonnyBlaze as far as noise goes it louder than wanted honestly especially when both fans and air pump are on… and the light gets to be a lot when lights especially the pulsing led lol… they need like a sleep mode for that led… if you do put it in your room throw a dark sheet or something over it so you can sleep … controlling temp and humidity will be affected by the room it’s in … I had a failed grow due to temp and humidity … so whatever your room grobo will be a degree or two hotter … as far as smell goes I can’t say have reached flower yet but I don’t think incense will do you good since you will have to have them burning constantly plus I wouldn’t want to breathe incent air for that long all day every day… many members have said ona gel works great


You wont hear it behind a closed door, but you still may smell it.


Louder than expected, but actually a rather nice “white noise” generator.


It’s one of those noises that after hearing it all day everyday it becomes numb to your ears lmaoo


Agreed, it’s definitely just a background white noise, which I don’t mind. We already sleep with a white noise fan anyway, and this is just basically a replication if that.


The noise from the fans is minimal without fans results would be awful


I seen some of your videos on YouTube before I bought mine lol