Flushing plants

Why do I get an 11 week notification that the plant is being flushed when it is on a 112 day cycle? Will my plants get nutrients for the next 30 days? Will my plant continue through to the next 30 days?


If you have extended any phases of growth in your current Grobo grow. All the notifications will be out of sink with your actual time line.

Does this answer your question?


Yeah don’t go by the notifications via email. Go by the app, what day and current stage your in. Day 14 of 30 flower for example. The email notifications aren’t synced to every specific recipe I don’t think so they might be a couple weeks ahead for you


Great!! Thanks for the heads up.


What are you growing? You going to post any pics?

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Just in case if you are in Flush I would take out Bottles (3-4-5)… Leave (1+2) for PH… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Good info. Thanks. Still pretty new with this.

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Yes it helps. I’m good with my soil plants but i sometimes struggle with knowing what grobo does automatically and what I need to do myself.

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