Flush question


Hey guys,
Quick question, my AK47 Xtreme is on a 110 day recipe, when exactly is the flush in there? My pistils and trichomes Look pretty good and ready at day 91 and wanted to know an approximate harvest date.


support.grobo.io Put in a ticket here… TheGroboTeam can’t tell which Grobo you have from here… :wink::crossed_fingers:


#letusseeourschedules lol :joy:


Yes they do and what I’m saying is there should be a section in the app where it allows us to see where we are at… we have all had this same question and the only thing to do is send in a ticket … your question was already answered sorry for supporting your idea of being able to see our schedules …


I agree 100% and took no ill will at your comment at all. I would love to my schedule too. My thought is, if there is a “so many day” flush at the end of a cycle (likely the same across the board), we could approximate earliest and latest harvests based on each individual’s schedule.

You have a 100 day recipe and there is a 5 day flush…earliest you could harvest if you wanted would be day 95.

Thank you for the support


I agree I’m sure they will unveil this option soon as this is an everyday question for them I asked few days ago and have already forgotten …do you not want to flush or just looking to push the data up ? … speaking to @nikidon1 and he showed me products like flawless finish and clearex which are products you add to the water during flush and it helps drain all the extra nutes and salts left in the buds to get a nice clean smoke… I will be trying my hand at one of those as well when I go into flush …


Oh and what strain are you growing ?

Never mind you already wrote that … what are the genetics in Ak47 extreme sounds interesting


More I just want to know when my flush starts and if its soon let my baby do her thing if its soon. Pistils and trichomes are just about perfect now but if flush is way out I may push my,data forward. Judgement call I guess. I will look into those products because when I was a soil grower I did flush but sometimes still could detect a little bit of nutes. Thanks.


Its a mix of AK47 and White Widow Xtreme. High THC/CBD that produces and has a decently short grow time. Wanna say I got it from an Amsterdam seed bank.


@nikidon1 says he has used flawless finish by advanced nutrients and says he has great results… I know advanced is a good brand but I hate how the break so many products down to to separate products when they could easily combine many together to make one and save everyone money… but they choose to scrape ever dollar they can… I like Botanicare nutrients and they have a version called clearex which I might try … but since @nikidon1 has had good results I’ll probky go with flawless finish


Nice I’m running trapstar by exotic genetix


If you get a jewelers loop you can take a look and see if the trichomes are
Amber and that should be a good signifier if you should push up… sometimes the hairs aren’t eneough of an Indicator


Always a good one!


Hey @Hainesjr1

Based on the numbers you provided your last stage the flush should start at day 100 with 10 days set aside for flush. @Stephen or @Chris will correct if I’m wrong. :crazy_face:


Thanks Azuri! Thats what I was thinking but wasnt sure. That helps a lot.