Fluid Glass different colors between units

My Grobo fluid glass panels are different colors.

Both grows are on the same phase.

Anyone know why? I have not entered either into see through mode - this is how they always are.

The blue light is old unit, other one is the new unit.

Your right one looks like a permanent see through mode is on.


That’s what I thought. It’s strange, because I can’t see through it on that color, but if I change it to fluid mode, it’s clear as day.

Really the only reason I noticed was having two units.

I put in a ticket.

Are they in different stages of a grow? Left one might just not have much red spectrum yet, but that’s just a guess. I’d assume left is a newer seed and right is older if that’s the case.

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How new is it
Sometimes lights change color over time as they warm up

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One is on day 36, the other day 32 - Both in same stages as well(late veg) - so both very close

The unit on right is about 32 days old - it’s on it’s first grow

The one with blue expected color light coming up on about a year old with a couple grows on its belt.


Keep an eye on it might still change color yet. Mine was slightly off wben i got it but match now

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I have a new unit, about a month old? At the most. And it’s always only been that purple color. It has a frosted purple and see through purple. Sometime I can make it change for a few seconds to a red if I press on the button behind the grobo but it always changes back to the purple. Never seen the blue before

The one on the left does look like it’s missing the red part of spectrum. I’d submit a support ticket about that one unless it’s always looked that way (and you’ve had successful grows).

Strange. Will see what they say. Its always been that blue color, unless I put it in see through mode, where it clears up as I would expect.

The old unit did take time for the fluid to actually be see through - the new one worked out of the box.

I just reviewed some pics of mine and your unit on the left looks like both of mine do. When you turn on photo mode does the one on the right get any brighter/lighter inside (disregarding whether or not the fluid glass goes clear)?

Yeah, it does get brighter

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Same thing here, newer model?
Looks like they removers the 2 holes at the top
And the newer ones lights seems a little more intense and the Grobo label on the newer one is slightly off center


Oh wow that’s crazy. My old one was before they did the Grobo labels on the window - but that’s the same exact color as my two!!

Looks like this is expected - they updated the film in the fluid glass, so the tints are different