First time grow

I’m growing my first Bubblegum (ILGM) seed and my baby looks sick. Why are the leaves brown and how can I fix it?!


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What kind of water you using. Looks ok for now but maybe some slight ph issues


I’m using distilled water, that I’m distilling from filtered water.

I ordered a ph meter and I’m going to check the water when it arrives on Sunday and probably empty and refill the reservoir if needed.

Maybe just be small nutrient burn. Keep an eye on new growth. That will will eventually die off

Looking much better, thanks for the advice.


Oh no, she looks a little sick.

What could This be?

what type of water do you use. Anything extra.
Id keep an eye on it as new leafs look ok but does look like a deficiency

Agree with you Todd, either a deficiency or pH swings early on. Appears to have recovered as new growth looks good. @Growbie in addition to answering Todd’s questions, can you post a pic of your nutrient bottles showing how much has been dispensed? Also submit a support ticket just in case, perhaps there is something that the grobo team can see on their end that may have caused the browning of your lower leaves and be sure that it is fixed if so. The plant is very strong and forgiving in the vegetative stages, the same can not be said once you enter flower. If there is an issue better to deal with it now rather than wait until real damage has occurred.