First time grow Bit of advice?


Hey guys, First time grower here just flipped the switch on my girlies 7 days ago, Basically just wanting to know your guys opinions on an average yield to expect? i know there are shit ton of circumstances that effect this but assuming everything goes well. Im growing 6x grandaddy purples in 30L coco pots with synthetic nuets ph to 5.8 using 1x600watt hps 1x600watt led(160 true watts) in 2/3rds of a 4x8 tent. Sorry can only post one picture


Hey @tokeycones, minimum of 6oz would be my ballpark guess, if not more. Especially if all is going well. That’s a good looking set-up-


If you train the right way you can get a lb you have 1200 watts I know someone using 3 migro cob lights that are 100 watts each and pulls a lb every time he harvests… don’t ask me how but he does


ye i’ve got 760 watts man :slight_smile: LED claims to be 600watt but i have a meter it only pulls 160watts. so i guess 10oz should be achievable, i know people getting 1LB off 1 600 watt but thats experience48423693_2230059500542489_6129419910557728768_n pic of girls afew days before trim/scrog setup



Nice what size tent is that?


It’s 4x8 but i’ve only got plants in 2/3rds of it due to my wattage output at the moment on a budget until it’s chop time haha.seems to be working okGDP%20%234


What lights are ya running?


600 watt hps and a 600 watt cheapo LED which pulls about 170 so say 770 true watts in tent at moment, want about another 700 if i was to use the whole tent


I’ve got one going now with 2 600w LED on the grow side. It has a side for seedlings and clones with a 4 bulb 2` t5 fluorescent. I am using it for veg. My new tent is 5×5 with a 2000w LED it’s going to be the flower tent. Hope the light does well enough. Don’t want to use hps because of the heat and elec.


Glad I have plenty of room. Seem to be going overboard with it now:sunglasses::sunglasses:


New light is really bright. Keeps the tent about 75°. The king LED is not as purple as my 2 600w lights. But it seems to really saturate a 5×5 area with brightness


Update. Start of week 3 Day 15 since 12/12




Day #30 OF FLOWER :slight_smile:




Lookin good​:+1::v::fist: