First grows

Note 8

Nah, just let it ride! The fun begins


Thanks guys, she seems to be doing well. Shell fell on its own!

Way more exciting then I thought it would be lol


Now the question is are you going to look at each morning and night, or just one of the two?? :grin:


Wait till she gets big and u get to start training her :grimacing: :wink:


Hi everyone! How do you actually talk to someone at grobo? I see mention of submitting tickets but can’t seem to figure out how to do it. I am struggling with my first grow - brown leaves and brown roots (tap root only no addl roots came out of the pod) I emptied and refilled with ro water, thinking nute burn, but she’s getting sicker and sicker. :frowning: I am at my wits end and only 18 days in.

I pinched off the super dead brown leaves.

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The brown taproot.

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Hey @TaraGrows,

Great question! You can submit an email to me at and I can assist from there. You can also schedule a call with me by clicking THIS link.



Thank you!

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Is your air stone producing bubbles? If not, that’s the culprit, otherwise ph swing to the point your plant is in nute lockout. Check bubbles first though :+1::v:

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Thank you so much for the suggestion! I am producing bubbles

What would your suggestion be for the nute lockout issue? I’m waiting on a follow up from Stephen and the grobo team - but any advice is welcome!

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If it isn’t in nute lockout, then it is more likely a ph issue, and you may be developing root rot. If you have hydroguard, use as specified on bottle. If you do have a ph pen, I’d take a reading of the res :+1::v:

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Thanks for the suggestions!

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@TaraGrows how much of your nutrient bottles have been used? If you see my pictures at the top of this mine didn’t start too healthy. It will pull through. I wish I had extended seedling stage before nutrients were added. I think it was dispensing a little to much for such a small plant. That root looks strong I add hydroguard with every fill since that is what it is made for.

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@Stephen just checking in - I submitted a ticket last night and haven’t received follow up. I’m not in any rush, but am holding off on following the advice here from @DanTom and @Osage (like buying a ph pen and/or Hydroguard) until I hear if it’s a machine/nute dispensing fix on Grobo side. Thanks again for all the help and support!

I would suggest one last thing. Check levels of nute bottles, if one hasn’t dispensed, ie #5, then the hose might just be pinched. Give that a try :+1::v:

I’m thinking water temp may be an issue

Water temp will cause root rot, which left unchecked, can lead to a multitude of problems. I’d feel the roots, if slimy and starting to smell, then def root rot. Need a drain and fill and add hydroguard


What I’ve been doing is chilling 1 gallon (4 litres) of water and leaving the other half at room temperature (put it in the fridge overnight). Thanks to @James for this golden nugget – hadn’t considered doing that originally.

When doing the drain/fill cycle, just use them as you normally would but when mixed this time it should get the temp down around 60 to begin with. That might help keep res temps a bit more in check.

Also removed the little square door at the bottom/back of the unit and have fans blowing across the back to add circulation down below, the air pump can add additional heat (that does not get vented) beneath the reservoir if that door is closed, and in my case that was enough to warm the reservoir.

After doing these things I’ve had a much easier time avoiding root rot. Room temps play a huge role here, but some of these other factors play a contributing part as I’ve found.

Don’t give up… it took me 4 grows to work out all the kinks and I’ve finally got one that might make it to the end this time (saved from near-death, so stunted but still alive).

I’m also using something other than hydroguard currently to keep my root rot in check. I’ll be posting about that after harvest if all turns out well.

To @grobo team: I understand that outlining the negatives and describing all the possible workarounds that people have done to get things working is not always desirable from a marketing standpoint, but not having this info on day 1 does lead to quite a bit of frustration. The time/effort involved in joining the forums and getting to know who to trust for info and re-explaining issues people have had in the past (and receiving everything from anecdotal evidence to “look how awesome my plants are, sorry about yours” etc) could be minimized for greater customer satisfation. TLDR; Somebody should really summarize a lot of these factors and fixes into a better getting started guide for users in order to facilitate more successful grows from the get-go. :slight_smile:


Hey @vegetato

Thanks for the kind words. Although the cooling of the water worked at first or for the first few days after refill, I ultimately broke down and purchased a water chiller and external pump. What I found was the temps had risen a bit each day and the only way to guarantee a completely controlled environment was to buy a several hundred dollar chiller and cheap pump.

I am happy that you’ve gotten a solid grow going and that I somehow was able to help. Hopefully this positive streak continues for you. Post some pics when you get a chance! We all love funny animal videos and pictures of cannabis plants.

Cheers :beers:!