First grow- why are these leaves brown? :(

Man that response was really on point! The pictures and mark-ups are very helpful! Thanks man!


Awesome illustrations and detective skills @vegetato :joy: :+1:


Hey grower!
Reallly hope you decided to save her! Best way to do this is to learn. I had a problem with mine where the pH probe was calibrated incorrectly and caused a lockout to my plant. Unfortunately, she died :frowning: she was looking so healthy!
Try a 50/50 mix of white vinegar, or, hydrogen peroxide and water in your reservoir after you drain and clean it. This will allow the roots clean water that will assist in fighting whatever pathogen has gotten to your precious roots. The learning process and attention to details will reward you later down the line, we all learn one way or another, and you’ve got this!

Plants take a bit of “know-how” to get right, especially in such an unnatural environment.



My guess on the bottom leaves:

I have had that issue on the bottom leaves often - the recipes usually don’t start bottle 5 right away (CalMag) so the first set is probably deficient in magnesium - if it’s just the bottom leaves like that then no worries you’ll usually trim them first anyways. If it was the other leaves like that then I’d say check for a kink on the hose for bottle#5. I use distilled water and add a bit of cal mag with my water fills and haven’t seen this issue lately yay

My guess on the roots:

Water temp might be too high. Your options are basically adding hydroguard or UC Roots or something to help with bacteria growth or try a water chiller. I went the water chiller route as I have a ceramic heater pointing at the back of the grobo so it’s also heating my water reservoir. Water chiller is a bit extreme really so if you can get hydroguard (I couldn’t at the time) or something that’s fairly manageable route