First Grow - Kush Cookies (Barney’s Farm)

It is day 3 of germination and I am seeing the first sign of a root. The coco pod is pretty wet towards the bottom but I’ll monitor over the next couple of days.



Day 4 germination. She has popped from the coco pod and is still wearing her “hat” She looks to be growing straight. I can not see the root out of the bottom yet but she is progressing.

Have a hydrometer on the way to start monitoring in unit conditions.



Looking good! Your pod should stay pretty wet at this point so thats good. Its also very unlikely that you would see any roots out of the bottom this early. And she should shed her hat on her own but definitely keep an eye on to be sure. Can’t wait to watch her grow!


Welcome to AG! I placed an order for the same seeds! looking forward to your grow.

Check out this Grow Guideline, I found it super useful when I first started:

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and congrats on the sproutling!


Thank you for sharing, I am for sure missing some tools. I have been comparing grobo vs. seedo for a couple years now. I was ready to invest in seedo and they went out it of business. A blessing in disguise, because I love the unit so far. I have a buddy growing the same strain in a tent so I’ll keep you updated on the progress. Cheers


Look forward to it :metal:t2:


Day 5 Germination: She is standing tall out of the coco pod. She does look a little dry and the seed hat has not popped off. Should I let here be till she sheds the seed hat or take it off?


She looks good. If you are concerned with the environment being dry. I would try moisten your environment up a bit with a humidifier until your hygrometer arrives since ur rh should be pretty high during seedling. It will make her happy

If the shell does not come off her leaves on her own. A drop of water onto the brown shell and just carefully poking at the brown shell around the leaves should help it comes off the seedling


There she is😎


Day 6 Germination: The seed hat has come off with the help of a little water and some tweezers(very gentle). I noticed yesterday she started “bowing” so I propped her up by placing a skewer in the coco pod so she can lean against it. Should this be cause for concern? Also the her stem is red right now. I have read on other post that this can be a deficiency, however, is it not too soon in the process to identify this?


You’re good, mines bowed a bit as well and I did the same thing to prop her up. She’ll be fine. She should open up soon

The red stem is normal (some strains show more than others) and happens when there is stress, your plant is pushing to grow and having early exposure to light so the stress is normal, make sure she doesn’t get wet becuase she will burn from the light and water combined.

Some people put a zip lock bag over them to keep humidity high since they like higher RH or a mini humidifier works as well



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Day 8 Germination: The seed hat has come off, thank you @SilverGrobo the water and tweezers worked well.

Right now she is look pretty good but I am concerned about the readings. I finally got my hygrometer and measured water temp. See below:

Average temp: 85.5 F
Average humidity: 57.3%
Average water temp 81 F

Any recommendations on how to get to ideal levels before I start early veg? Any recommendations on where to hang the hygrometer?

Just completed the first drain and fill and no nutes seemed to have been used. Is this normal?


She is looking good

The hygrometer can just sit close to her, its fine where its at.

Your environment and water temperature is a bit high, I would recommend using hydroguard if you have it on you to help prevent root rot or if you have the means to lower the water temperature, you should go that route.

Your RH can be a bit higher as well, a humidifier outside the grobo or a mini one inside on low works pretty good, you can also just put a moist paper towel inside the grobo to raise the humidity.


I’ll go ahead and order the hydroguard. Will this help with water temp and unit temp as well? Do you know ideal water temp?

Should I hold off earl my veg until I get everything under control?

I was looking at a swamp cooler which is suppose to lower temp and raise humidity. See below:

Personal Water Evaporative Cooler Portable Air Conditioner Desktop Fan - USB C Rechargeable Battery - Stepless Speed Control Quiet - 7 OZ Ice Water Tank - Mini
( I can’t attach amazon link)

Thanks for all the help I know I have a lot of questions.

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I would just let her grow, the seedling stage is more root growth than plant growth.

Optimal water temp for roots are 66-68 from most of the forums however anything 72 and above you should get hydroguard to help prevent root rot. This just covers root rot prevention and also helps root stay healthy. With lower water temps, the plant can tolerate higher environment temps. I live in California and my water temps is consistently at 82f and I was getting tired of rotating iced water bottles throughout the day so I gave in and got a water chiller. Its pretty expensive (around $300-500), however if you are comfortable with basic electronics, you can build a DIY water chiller for around $60.

Or if you have a old mini fridge, you can mod it to be a mini fridge water chiller

I have not tried any of those personal coolers yet, but I would keep an eye on how must the RH changes while using it.

Defoliating and keeping fan leaves to a minimal can help with airflow and keep temps down as well.
Also picking strains that are more heat resilient would help with growing in high temps.


Wow, didn’t take Amazon long to rip off that concept.

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That’s what they do best. I used to have an amazon store and was doing pretty well with selling mobile accessories for 3 years, then Amazon became a competitor :roll_eyes:


And they love to point out how they “help” small businesses.

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