First Grow! Jungle Pie (Jungle Boys)

Hey folks,

I’ve got my Grobo setup and I’m on day one of germination. I did have to tweak the lock on the door a little to get it to lock. One question I do have is, is the door supposed to be flushed closed at the bottom? My unit door seems to stick out a little bit

Anyway. I am beyond excited to see this thing sprout and, grow and, flower…


They are not flushed, mines not either.
Best of luck with the Jungle Pie!



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  • (You Might Want Your Nutrient Caps On Your Bottles To Minimize Evaporation -And- Debris Falling In):


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Thanks for the advice. Yeah, I noticed I forgot to put those caps on. It’s been done.
Day 3 of germination. No sprout yet but, hopefully within the next day or so.


Hey! Welcome to the community!

I have 2 Grobo premiums and both doors are a little not flush at the lower right. One unit I can push the door closed 1/4" after it’s locked. I just push the door corner in when closed and it seals up fine. Take advantage of the crack and run any usb cables/wires through that corner.


My door is also not completely flush. I truly would not worry about it

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What devices do you have connected to those cords?

So, today I get a notification. It reads Day 4 of germination (thought I was on day 3 due to me setting up on Monday evening) and, advises to add some water but when I lift up the cover, the bottom of the pod is dripping and I see water bubbles on the underside of the cover. Do I really need to add more water?


No it’s not necessary during germination if the pod is wet. It’s an automated reminder that’s much more useful later down the growth stages


Diggin’ the sound proof wall there. Didn’t know you had that :smiley:


Well well well, look who is being introduced to the world…


Congrats! We should see the cotyledon emerge in a very short amount of time. This will be your first set of leaves.

To answer your question about all the wires going into my units - they are for mini fans, cameras, and a CO2 monitor.

Mini fans to increase the air flow and at your grow stage, to help dry out the cocopod.

Cameras to be able to remotely monitor your plant wherever you are. WYZE 1080p cams

CO2 monitor is something new I am trying out to measure CO2 levels.


I guess that’s what the Leaf grow box has on Grobo. Cameras for remote viewing, precise temp and humidity control, able to see all stats via the app.
I’m thinking of getting one of those as well.

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Bro you can set that up yourself for less than $100
$25 for the camera
$50 Govee Wifi Smart temp and rh% monitor

These are good add-ons to have but not necessary

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What camera did you roll with?

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The Leaf actually looks pretty fire. That would be an interesting grow op… seems research-worthy

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I was looking at that wyze camera. The only wireless model is the outdoor version and it is considerably heavier than the wired model.
Is the magnet from the v2 strong enough to hold the outdoor version?

I really don’t want any wires coming out of my unit so I’ll be looking for wireless EVERYTHING.