First grow gg#4 🌱 🌿 🌳

Thank you @pyromancy I now have my new hit list of leaves to go after when I go back in :joy: much appreciated :+1:


No prob, again just a suggestion feel free to take or leave the advice, I am not here to tell people what to do!

By the way, do you do any leaf tucking manually when you check your plant? If you sit down and look at your plant for a bit and notice any branches that have potential bud sites starting that are being shadowed by leaves above, you can tuck those leaves under for the day to get some light shining on the lower branches. This really really really helps a lot with giving them the light they need to jump up and compete. Ideally if the Grobo was bigger, that’s why we all use LST to try to evenly distribute light to all the branches so when the stretch begins they all shoot up together

My last plant, I would tuck my leaves twice daily for the most part, lot of spots I’d eventually understand the plant more and notice moving leaves downward underneath the action helps to get the light shining on otherwise dark spots. I think I ended up with 12 branches that all shot up to the top of the Grobo from doing this regularly.

I defoliated my auto but I wasn’t able to do it as much since it’s generally risky so I tried to tuck leaves and give light to things every day


Also one more thing… do you own magnetic hooks by any chance?

I have 36 of these now, I actually put to use a good 18-20 of them in my last grow to keep branches up against the walls as they got taller and spread them out to give more light to things. This actually helped make smaller off-shoot branches grow taller and jump up really fast and keeps the canopy a bit more even.

EDIT: I see your hooks in there now, nevermind! Duh! And now its flashing back to me the pics up above if I just scrolled up of your Scrog you made with plant ties and hooks lol! Sorry man.


@pyromancy all good I have done tucking and took the scrog out as it wasn’t doing much ( need to make it a bit better next time) And that’s actually one thing I will be doing in my next grow to help move the branches to make more even


It’s been a while but here we are day 5 of 37 for flower and it’s water change time :+1: