First Grow Ever - White Widow

This is me…waiting till tomorrow…I have zero patience lol


Man, amazing job with your plant! That top job looks incredible. I hope your weight meets your expectations :grin:


I really appreciate that bud. This grow has taken every bit of 6 months up to this point. This grow has taught me that I don’t need to focus so much on manifolding/mainlining since the additional time added to make it look visually appealing, isn’t worth the time sacrificed and the amount of medicine that could’ve been grown, if left to grow wild and free. I could’ve grown 2 plants that would likely have a higher total yield in the time it took to grow this one.

Thankfully, I didn’t run into any issues though. Never thought she was going to die, never had pests, never had any root issues. Definitely a fun learning experience, but next grow, I’ll probably just let it run its course and see how it does, then weigh the pros and cons. Haven’t weighed it all yet since I still left them connected to their main branches. Hopefully here in about 7 days we’ll have a final weigh in # to see how we did!


No harm there… You had plenty of patience with this grow… 183 is a long time!

Yeah man she is a beautiful plant regardless! The mainlining looks really nice, however, in a Grobo in my opinion I feel like you can’t take full advantage of the method because you can not really go horizontally at all. If you could make the plant go horizontally more, you can get many colas off that method for sure.

Congrats on the harvest, I’ve enjoyed watching your plant from the first day you posted till now, those buds look majestic :slight_smile: I think you’ll still be looking at a good yield for a Grobo either way!



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Damn, that’s a beauty!


Congrats, she looks thick!


Definitely was not expecting how much they would thin out.

They started to feel pretty dry after only 56ish hours in the Grobo so I got nervous and removed them as I didn’t want to over-dry them. I put them in the jars to cure and after about a week of them smelling like hay/freshly cut grass I figured they may still need to air dry a little? Last night I left the jars open for approximately 10 hours and then woke up and they felt almost crispy again. Shut them, and hoping they’ll again soften up a little.

Smell still doesn’t smell like weed but it’s slowly wearing off of the hay/grass smell. It isn’t as strong anymore. I’m hoping that the smell will begin to transition into the dank smell we all know and love. Time will tell I guess.


So what happened is your bud dried too quickly and the terpenes were not protected properly by an extended dry period so they are not very apparent In your bud unfortunately:(.
The RH in your Grobo is important as this will allow a slower drying process for your buds. It’s okay, it’ll still smoke! It just won’t have those terpy notes you know so well


I’m in the curing process too. Would recommend getting a mini hygrometer and bodeva pack to control and monitor the humidity of your bud inside the jars


I’m planning on using mainline/manifold my grow like yours… was it easy to do? I would love to know what your final weight is.

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Easy? Yes. Worth it? No.

The amount of time it took for the plant to bounce back and the general length of time it took to grow it simply wasn’t worth the slightly larger yield. I could’ve grown two plants in the amount of time it took to do this plant which would’ve produced a bigger total yield.

It looks clean and was certainly easy to maintain but I likely won’t be doing it again, or recommend that anyone else waste their time trying this method in a grobo. Just isn’t worth it.


Well that’s good to know. I’m glad I asked. Also I think my plant right now is a little stunted so I won’t be performing any of that. Probably just the usual topping and lollipop. Thanks for the info.