First Grow - Candy Cane Auto

Cuttings are still chillin. No roots yet. Pic at the end is how tall the initial cutting is now though.


Okay so I’m doing another experiment to see what happens. Little to lose in my opinion.

Planted my initial cutting that had been alive for 35 days in water in some soil. I also planted a little baby cutting I had next to it in the same pot. Probably not the best idea as most places say not to do this but the little one was looking kinda sad so I figured I’d try to save it this way. If they end up rooting and she gets starved out then I tried.

Planted the cutting from my main branch in a separate pot. I have noticed leaf growth recently from living in the water, and some trichome production on her leaves, smells awesome when I rub my fingers on it. I also noticed this morning that she has produced new pistils right below almost all of the bud sites…I don’t remember those being there like that.

Not a sunny day today so figured I’d let them sit in the Grobo light a bit to give them some energy. Watered the soil with distilled. No nutrients other than soil, maybe If they survive I can make the determination to add some nutrients. Hoping this works out, just an experiment.

Little cuttings have been in the soil for 5 hours now, the other has been for about 3 hours. Leaves weren’t perky prior to planting so there’s not much change Imo yet.

Have the humidifier running to give some moisture to the leaves up top a bit as well as help my windowsill seedling a bit too.

My little helper be chillin with me today and I have some chill tunes playing to make the plants feel some extra frequencies :money_mouth_face:


Cats are the best <3


That THIC stem is awesome :clap:t4:


Hah thanks… thats the main branch of my first plant :stuck_out_tongue:

It didn’t like the soil much… I took it out and threw it back in water, seems to be “okay” now… not so terrible looking but definitely not what it was once before. Was worth a try… 5 days in soil and no roots in there either. I don’t think it has the genetic code inside it to make roots honestly o_O

It was pretty wilty looking. I removed some of the weak leaves and hoping to keep it alive… was just an experiment, not much I can really do anyway. I did notice that she produced some trichomes on the sugar leaves in the past week… they smell amazing… but overall looks like she was dying.


The cuttings are still alive… two from 27 days ago, and the first from 47 days ago. The one that was in soil was dying so I removed it and put it in some water with hydrogen peroxide and put it in front of the Grobo light for a few hours. Has been living in the water for going on a week soon. Still making some frostiness on the sugar leaves and smells amazing. I’ve defoliated quite a bit when the leaves seem off looking but she appears to be growing more leaves here and there slowly and almost looks like some new flowers started too. Really strange and hard for me to tell but there’s a lot of little baby buds started? While in the soil, she was looking super droopy and sad, and I had a side branch off the left of the cutting that was pretty much dead and wilted. Decided to give that a chop off completely. The rest of the plant seems to be doing okay without it.

The second cutting looks the happiest overall and has started a little bit of trichome production on the leaves as well. It has had the least direct sunlight overall for the most part, moved it into a sunnier area recently now.

The very first initial cutting from this plant, longest surviving at 47 days almost seems like it’s doing okay in the soil… I’m wondering if it might actually root in there or has started to…

Doesn’t look overly happy but it has kept itself looking okay for the longest time.

I gave it some water with Cal/Mag and Big Bud and pH’d the nutrient solution as an experiment… Not sure if it actually can uptake nutrients or not without roots…

^ 11 days in soil and still looking decent… not wilty like the first cutting was in the soil. The little mini cutting I planted in the same pot died, and I removed it before the decay was too bad